Make instant money online absolutely free

make instant money online absolutely free from home


Looking about how to make instant money online absolutely free?


Exactly, everyone wants cherry on the cake, or let’s say everyone loves to have some absolutely free money in their hands ( or PayPal account).


Online money making is not so easy nowadays because of various scams. Some websites also ask for some money to earn on their sites.


But it doesn’t mean that you can’t make absolutely free money on the internet. lots of students and work from home moms are already making an efficient amount of money without going anywhere.


So, they are a true inspiration for us in order to make online money instantly with lesser efforts and occupying your free time.


Are you getting confused about how to make instant money online absolutely free?


Are you helpless about which way you should choose for getting absolutely free money?


Searching for genuine ways or legit sites for instant money?


No worries, here we will discuss all about some effective ways to make instant money online. So, hold your sits tight, and let’s get started.


What is the meaning of absolutely free money?


If you are thinking that someone will pay you money for eating or sleeping, then this article is not for you.


Anyone in this world will not pay you for just waiting. they will give little free money for some really easy tasks like watching videos, playing games or answering some questions.


So, the meaning of free money is, you are getting paid for very easy tasks that you can enjoy doing. It is something that you are doing for extra cash, not as a serious job.


you just need to choose a platform that suits you and invest your free time for doing some micro tasks and that’s all. you will receive some absolutely free money in your account.


So, let’s start talking on some genuine ways to make instant money online absolutely free.


Make Instant Money Online For Searching The Web.


Millions of people all over the word, daily surf on the internet.


Do you know that you can make some absolutely free money by searching the web?


Yes, you are reading right. Some websites offer you money for searching on the web.


Here is the list of some websites you should check to make instant money online by surfing on the web.


1. Qumee


This is a shopping and cashback site since 2012. 


If you want to earn absolutely free money by searching the web then, download the Qumee browser app to earn real cash in your account.


You can search with google, yahoo, amazon, etc. in the Qumee browser from your laptop also.


Just go for your online search in the Qumee browser and click on your interested Qumee results from the sidebar to get a reward in dollars.


Immediately you will get a notification, how much you earned from that click.


Some other ways to earn with Qumee site – 

  • Search online,
  • Shop online,
  • Take surveys.

The benefit of Qumee is – they pay real cash instead of points or credits.


You need no minimum amount to withdraw your earnings.


payment method – gift cards, PayPal cash, Donate 


2. iRazoo


This is another GPT and cashback site with many earning options.


Ways to earn –

  •  Search the web,
  •  Take survey,
  • Watch videos,
  • Download apps,
  • Playing games,
  • By referrals,
  • Enter promo codes.

They have a search engine called iRazoo search engine which is powered by yahoo.


If you set the iRazoo search engine as a default search engine then you will gain iRazoo every time you search the internet.


You will earn between 1 to 20 points each time. you are allowed to earn 25 points every day.


Here, you will get 100 points as a sign-up bonus.


3000 iRazoo points are equal to $1 and you need a minimum of 3000 points to claim your balance.


They will pay through PayPal or gift cards.


Use cashback site to get absolutely free money.


In this fast world, millions of people are used to purchase online from well-known platforms like Amazon.


Are you addicted to shopping online? If the answer is yes then you need to know this thing.


Some websites on the internet are offering cash back for shopping online. They take money from various online shopping portals to redirect you on their portal and give some of that money as a cashback.


Well, if you are interested to know about those sites then the list is here.


1. Rakuten


Rakuten is the biggest cashback site which has listed over 2500 online store that offers cashback.


You can find the best deals, coupons, promo codes for your favorite store on this site.


The good news is you will get $10 as a welcome bonus as a Walmart gift card or Rukuten gift card.


You just need to give your email id to be able to get fascinating cashback.


After signing up, grab the offer of your favorite store and just shop there with Rukaten’s promo code or coupon.


They are offering up to 40% cashback which will directly be submitted to your PayPal account.


You can earn $25+ by referring Rukuten to your friends.


2. Be frugal


This site has over five thousand merchants to shop with and also to get coupons to save even more at those shops.


Be frugal offers you a real $10 cash signup bonus and all you got to do is just shop with them.


They also have a great referral program to make some absolutely free money.


Be frugal has a great user-friendly phone app and a free Chrome extension for your computer which is really great.


The extension will contact you all the time if you allow it with all the great bonuses and cashback that you are eligible for.


Get free money right now with Paribus.


Just imagine, you bought something online and the price of that product reduced after some time. won’t you feel to get that money back?


Don’t worry, the Paribus website is here, as a solution to your problem.


Just go to the Paribus website and sign-up with your email address in which you are getting your online bills and that’s it. Just enjoy your shopping.


Paribus track all products you have bought and if they detect any price drops in those products then they immediately notify you and help you to get that price difference as a refund.


Excited to get absolutely free money as a refund? then join Paribus.


Get free money right now by selling photos.


Are you a photography addict? or your laptop or mobile’s gallery is full of different high-quality photos?


Then don’t need to delete it or just store it. You can make instant money online absolutely free by selling your un-used high-quality photos.


You just need to signup to those sites and upload your photos with appropriate tags and wait for people to buy it.


isn’t it simple like clicking a photo? anyways, here are some prestigious sites that pay for your photos.


1. Shutterstock


Shutterstock is a well-known platform for buying and selling photos online with a large customer base.


Firstly, signup here and upload your photos. Don’t upload anything, just take care of what niche you picked for uploading your photos.


The keyword is the main thing, by which you can reach more clients. So, attach more and more keywords to your photos.


You can earn 0.25 dollars on each photo you sell as a beginner. After you reach the earning limit of $500 or more, your earning will be increased by 0.38 dollars per sell.


I know, earnings are some low, but this is a fabulous platform for sellers, so you can sell photos very easily.


Go here to start with Shutterstock.


2. Alamy


Alamy is a famous photo selling platform among photographers due to its high commission rates.


it offers 50% of each selling. So, you will nearly make between 10 to 50 dollars per sale.


It is not huge as Shutterstock but still, it is legit and you can make more money with fewer photos.


If you are a live news photographer then this platform is useful for you as their clients use it to buy live news photos most.


You can also sell illustration or vector images.


Give a try to Alamy.


Review music and get instant money.


Are you a music lover? or can you hear lyrics of a song fast than anyone can?


If you are interested in listening to music then here is good news for you, as you can earn around $3 to $4 by listening to one song.


ISn’t great? so, let’s overview some music review websites that pay you absolutely free money.


1. Slicethepie


Slicethepie is the site where you can review music as well as fashion and mobile products.


When you choose the music category for review, you will be given an anonymous track for review.


You must listen to any music track at least 90 seconds before you write your opinion. The minimum limit is 45 words to write it.


The good news is you don’t need any expertise in music. Just share your opinion on vocals, lyrics, etc.


Earning is based on how many stars you have. If you have 1 star then you will earn 2 cents per review and hourly $1-$2.


You will get your money directly in your PayPal account which must be the same as your login email account.


The minimum amount for payout is 10 dollars.


Give a try to Slicethepie.


2. Hitpridctor


Hitpridctor provides you the chance to judge music before it goes viral.


Additionally, you can make money by answer the poll and refer this site to your friends.


After you review 10 songs, you will get a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card and more gifts.


You must listen to music at least 90 seconds before you give your review and you will earn 3 points per review.


You can redeem your earned point for buying a ticket to win gift cards worth $20, $50, $100.


Go to hitpredictor.


Review websites & apps for cash.


Searching a unique way to earn absolutely free money?


If you are good at website or app testing, then we have a batter option to suggest.


You will be asked to give your opinion on random sites like site’s design, it’s content quality, etc.


you need a PC or Laptop and high-speed internet to perform this job.


Here, we are suggesting some websites which are hiring a website tester.


1. UserTesting


This is a top testing site with a 35000+ influenced brand and has taken 3000,000+ tests.


You must request a trial to sign up and a chance to earn. They will ask you to take a sample test and if qualify, you will be asked for other testings.


You can earn a minimum of $10 or more from a 20 to 25-minute test or even more from an interview.


They will pay through PayPal directly, which takes 7 days after testing.


You will get an opportunity on the base of your experience.


Have a ride of  usertesting website.


2. Whatusersdo


This site is integrated with a testing panel called intellizoomPanel.


If you are 18+ then you can join this panel by signing up.


The process is just simple – you will be asked for basic profile questions after the registration process.


You must have a computer, tablet or mobile, high-speed internet, and the ability to download UserZoom’s software.


Here, you can earn money for testing some stuff and also by taking surveys.


almost every study will take on an average of 10 to 20 minutes.


you will earn $10 or more for each testing and $2 for average surveys.


Payments will directly be submitted into your PayPal account within 21 business days after your test is approved.


Have access of  whatusersdo.


Earn extra cash by doing microtasks.


Here is another great way to grab extra money to your wallet and that is by doing micro tasks like that takes one or two minutes to be done.


Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mturk) is the best website for the micro-tasks which is powered by Amazon and legit for paying.


You can earn $2 or more per hour by simple micro-tasks like data validation, survey completion, copy-paste tasks. It also provides virtual tasks that require human intelligence.


You can also work on your mobile by browsing its website.


there is no minimum threshold for withdrawing your earnings. You can get money directly in your bank account as a U.S. dollars or you can redeem it as Amazon gift cards.


How to make instant money online absolutely free PayPal.


There some GPT(get paid to) sites that pay a small amount of money for different tasks like…

  • taking branded surveys.
  • Watching promotional videos.
  • Playing games.
  • Shopping online.
  • Referring friends
  • Reading paid emails. Etc.

you just need to signup into those sites for getting started by giving your email id.


many sites offer a signup bonus when you register there.


After logging into the site. they will ask you to complete your profile to get some points. we suggest that you should fill that profile to get more opportunities.


almost every GPT site will pay you in three ways.

  • PayPal cash
  • chaque
  • gift cards(Amazon, Flipcart, iTunes, etc..)

You can make approx 5 to 6 dollars with one site in 5 to 6 hours.


I know this is too little money but keep in mind that you are doing tasks in your free time.


moreover, if you work together in programs given below then you easily able to create $100 per month.


Let’s see some famous GPT sites that we trust.


1. instaGC


This is the international GPT site which allows 13+ countries users to signup and make money from it.


Usually, this site pay in the form of gift cards and they have 330+ types of gift cards to choose from.


types of ways to earn :

  • Complete survey
  • Watch video
  • Shop online
  • Search the web.

According to this site, they have already delivered 1,298,800+ gift cards to their members.



2. Points2Shop


It is a large free rewards program that pays in a unique way.


You just need to sign-up. And earn points by completing surveys, watching videos, playing games, shopping online, and much more.


You can choose any product from their list as a reword. That way you can redeem your points.


Points2Shop also has an app to start with. So, you can also earn money from your mobile.


They will give 250 points as a signup bonus.



3. TreasureTrooper


TreasureTrooper is a user-friendly GPT site with different ways to work with it.


It has a different interface than other sites. you will get fun while earning on this site.


Ways to earn :

  • Complete offers like fill out forms, sample products.
  • Take 8 daily surveys worth up to $1.
  • Play mini-games and earn prizes.
  • Receive 20% of your referrals.


They already paid over $7,734,352 to their members.


You will able to redeem your points once you earn $20.



4. Toluna


This is a site with Worldwide access, Mainly aimed for real-time surveys.


You’ll also earn around 500 points for signing up and 100 points for completing your profile.


the payoff rate is about 74 cents per hour. It means you will earn 4 to 5 dollars a day.


they pay through PayPal cash, cheque, or different types of gift cards.


They consider 3000 points as $1 and you need at least 30,000 points to redeem your earnings.



5. LifePoints


This site has a community of over 5,00,000 members and it is mainly aimed at taking surveys.


there are three ways to earning points here

  •  take surveys 
  • track customer behavior 
  • test some products 

you will earn in the points and later redeem into Paypal cash or gift cards. Of course, you can also donate those points.


you will earn 10 Lifepoints as a bonus and that is great.


There is no exact calculation about earning that you must reach before redeeming your Lifepoints.



Other ways to make instant money online.


We have discovered some other ways to make $100 fast. You can also check out those ways to earn efficient money online.


1. blogging


If you are good at writing and you are interested in a particular niche then you can start writing about topics related to your niche. That’s called blogging.


you can start blogging for free on the blogger platform which is powered by google.


you can easily earn $300 a month by blogging once you post 10 or 15 articles.


Want to learn how to write articles professionally? Click here to learn.


2. freelancing


freelancing is an online service where anyone can do digital tasks like logo designing, website designing, digital marketing, and much more from home.


There are many freelancing websites where you can register and make a profile to get orders. some famous websites are,


you can easily make $300 to $500 per month if, you work properly. You just need some skills and a laptop to work on your orders.


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