How to make 2000 dollars fast in 2020 [10+ legit ways]

Are you searching for how to make 2000 dollars fast?

I know, 2000 dollars are not a small amount. It seems hard to earn it and especially when more and more people are going jobless nowadays.

But, it is not impossible to generate a big amount of money. You just require to put some effort, some time, and of course a positive mindset.

The ways we suggested here, will help you to earn money, but remember, they will not work overnight. So, be patient, and let’s have a ride to some effective ideas to generate tons of income.

How to make 2000 dollars fast

1. freelancing

If you hate doing jobs and want to be your own boss then freelancing is a quick way to make 2000 dollars.

It is a perfect place where you can showcase your skills and turn your abilities into cash.

Who is called a freelancer?

A self-employed person who works from home and performs tasks as per the client’s order. freelancers have complete freedom of time and place and they get paid on an hourly or daily basis.

Which are the best freelance jobs?

  • web designing
  • digital marketing
  • photoshop work
  • content writing
  • photography
  • video editing
  • logo designing
  • virtual assistant

Upwork , Fiverr , Freelancer are top marketplaces for freelancers where you can sign up and create your profile according to skills.

You can create different gigs along with portfolio and prices. If anyone purchases your online service, 5% transaction fees will cut from your fees.

Tip: If you don’t have any skill then you can take orders at high prices and simply pass it to an expert to complete.

2. create and sell your course

online industries are growing faster in the last 5 years. All institutions, academies, and websites are providing online courses.

If you are an expert in a particular subject then it is an interesting way to make 200 dollars fast online.

You just require to sign-up and upload your course online. If anyone buys your course, you will get decided fees.

Things to keep in mind when you create a course…

  • don’t use too hard language. Make it simple.
  • make in-detail videos to explain well.
  • choose high demand topic to create a course.
  • give exercise along with your lessons.

Things to keep in mind when you sell a course…

  • frequently ask for reviews and make changes appropriately.
  • quickly respond to your student’s queries.
  • give moneyback guarantee to attract people.

Udemy is a favorite platform among learners, where you can create and sell your course. You will earn money whenever your course is bought.

You just need to sign-up to get proper guidance from their team and you can also build your own community.

Skillshare is another online teaching platform where you can join as an expert and earn cash by starting your online class.

The great thing about skillshare is they provide a Teacher handbook to guide teachers and organize events like Teach challenge to encourage them.

You will earn money based on the number of minutes watched plus a $10 referral bonus if you bring students to get the premium membership.

Tip: If you are an expert in a particular subject then start your youtube channel and promote your course in that community.

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3. Dropship online

did you ever shop online?

Online shopping is trending today. People are buying things online at any cost. If they like a product then don’t even wait to compare a price with other online sites.

We can take advantage of those people by listing some fabulous product from wide online market places to our website.

Now, you are thinking that shipping costs and other expenses will bring loss for us. Right?

Now, Dorpshiping is quite a different concept than buying and selling stuff.

Dropshipping is something where a person takes order from the customer and pass that order directly to the third party like Ali express or amazon.

Then, Amazon ship that orders directly to the customer without a bill. ( we must mention amazon to ship that product as a gift).

The best thing is, you don’t need to invest to buy products as well as ship products.

You Require a good looking website to showcase your product and Paypal account to collect payment.

You can organically get traffic on your website by posting some related content. Otherwise use solo ads or email marketing to sell products.

Shopify is the marketplace for drop shippers that allow you to host your website, list products, collect and secure payment, etc…

Shopify offers you a 14-day free trial and then $29 a month which is I think good price. It is worth trying to make 2000 dollars fast online.

Tip: You can drive traffic on your Products by using FB paid ads.

If you are interested in Dropshipping then this video will help you to discover more.

4. start creating videos using Youtube

Youtube is the second large platform in the world. People love watching the video to learn something, for entertainment, and much more. In short, Youtube is the most popular video platform.

If you have mastery on a particular subject like craft making, life hacks, designing, development, entertainment, etc… then it is better to have a youtube channel then performing 9 to 5 boring job.

Youtube is a free platform and you don’t need to invest even a penny to get started. Here, you will earn sufficient money if you continuously post more and more content.

How to start a youtube channel?

Sign-up with google account and select a niche You love.

Then, you will be asked for channel name and channel art. Fill that information.

Start posting videos every 2 days and wait for 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time.

Once you reach the target, apply for Google AdSense to show ads on your channel, and earn money.

Best ways to earn money from youtube…

#1. By recommending products:

Suppose you are making technology related videos then you can earn commission by suggesting tech products ( Like headphones, mobile, Bluetooth, etc…) to your viewers.

In that case, you will earn a commission if anyone buys from your given link.

#2. Promote newbie’s videos:

Another idea is, you can get paid from other YouTubers for promoting their videos. In that case, you can promote new youtube channels related to your niche.

#3. earn from Adsense:

As we mentioned above, A widely famous way is to connect your channel with Google Adsense, Where Google will place ads on your videos.

Your earning varies according to the audience but Ideally, you can earn $1 per 1000 views on your video.

Watch this video, if you are interested in getting started with Youtube.

5. trade in cryptocurrency

Before some years, we were using physical currency everywhere. But with the time, cryptocurrencies have been introduced.

At that time anyone didn’t trust digital currencies. But This concept got more and more success in the last years and successfully got the attention of investors.

For example,

Bitcoin was worth $0.003 when it was started in 2010. Now Bitcoin’s price is around $10,000. Isn’t fascinating?

It means it is a profitable business if you get experience in it.

What are the top cryptocurrencies?

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Ripple
  4. Bitcoin Cash
  5. EOS

Where to trade?

Tip: You can practice crypto trading on a simulator before you actually get dive into it.

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6. manage events

did you attend any event like a birthday party or marriage?

If you have blessed with an artist’s mind and If you love decorating places and managing events then It’s a good idea to become an event manager to make 2000 dollars fast and serve people with your good services.

Qualities of event managers

  • a sharp mind along with creative ideas
  • working speed
  • you must have a leadership qualities
  • effective communication skills
  • network building skills

You can promote your services on the internet as well as through social media. Let people know about your work by posting it on social sites.

A professional looking logo and good looking website will add colors in your picture of course. So, create a tiny website with your work portfolio to attract clients.

If you don’t have experience then just assist any event planner to get some knowledge or else you can outsource your orders to other event planners.

7. earn easy 2000 dollars with Clickbank

Do you know anything about digital products?

Digital product refers to a sellable item that doesn’t have a physical form. It includes Online courses, Softwares, e-books, music, photography, and so on.

What is Clickbank?

A Clickbank is a marketplace for digital product sellers and affiliate marketers(a person who sell those products and earn money). It provides payment gateway and security services to both.

Clickbank acts as a middleman between seller and marketer. It lists products form vendors and charge $50 as a one-time activation charge and allow marketers to sell those items through an affiliate link.

If you are the seller, You can earn the whole price you decided, except some processing fees and affiliate commission.

If you are selling those products as a marketer then you can earn up to 75% commissions of the actual price.

How to sell Clickbank products?

#1. stick banners:

A very common idea is to show banners on your blog if you are writing posts related to that topic. If you are writing about health and fitness then find a product like a diet book or weight loss program and stick banners to your website.

#2. written links:

You can simply put written links like ” go here to grab the best deal “or ” get diet book now ” etc.

You can put those links two-three times. One at top of the blog post, Another at middle and third one should be at the completion.

#3. Write reviews:

This is the trending way people are using to get sales. The reason is this attracts high converting traffic.

Write some legit reviews of different products and give an affiliate link at the end. It will gain highly targeted traffic on your site.

#4. drive traffic without a website:

  • you can drive traffic from quora
  • FB paid ads
  • sales funnel
  • Email marketing

8. have your own website

Do you seriously want to make 2000 dollars fast? If the answer is yes then our personal recommendation is blogging.

Google is the world’s no. 1 search engine with 70% market sharing.

Millions of queries are being asked to google. Can’t you write articles on the topic you love?

Trust me this way is worth your efforts And the starting cost is almost nothing. So, let’s understand the concept.

What is the website?

website is an online property where owners post content in the form of webpages. Each website has a unique address called a domain name. All webpages are listed on one or more search engines like google.

What do you need to start a website?

  • A domain name (it costs 5 to 7 dollars)
  • A hosting ( If possible) Otherwise blogger is a free platform.
  • reliable internet connection.
  • of course a laptop.

3 popular ways to make money with a website

#1. Google Adsense:

If your website provides lots of information like news or ‘ how to ‘ types info. then you can convert your traffic into money by monetizing it through Google Adsense.

You can also start any niche based informational website if you love any particular topic to discuss on.

All you have to do is request google to monetize your website. If you passed then Google will place ads on your content and pay you money.

#2. sell your own stuff:

If you have your own product ( digital or physical ) to sell then It’s time to get that product viral and make more money through it.

Many professional companies have websites to showcase their products. It impacts greatly on the buyer’s mind.

#3. Promote stuff and earn money:

It is just a job of middle man where you suggest a product to your readers and get money from the vendor if any sales happen.

You can join various affiliate networks to get products for promotion. here, you will get 10 to 75% commission of the actual price.

Tip: Choose a domain name that reflects the niche of your site. For example, If you are making travel-related site then select a domain name like…, or travel, etc.

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9. sell your books on kindle

Are you a writer? or do you love to write on a specific topic?

Authors are making lots of money by writing and selling e-books online. You can do the same if you have the expertise on any topic.

The Digital book’s market has grown up extremely in the past 5 years and creators are getting huge benefits from it. James Patterson is a bestselling author and made millions of dollars from kindle.

Here are some steps to write a great e-book.

  1. Select a niche to write a book.
  2. Decide the topics you want to cover.
  3. Write point to point content.
  4. Design your e-book with
  5. publish it on several free platforms.
  6. promote it through free and paid methods.

Kindle (by Amazon) is the best place for beginners to publish the first book and first income.

And the best part About Kindle is you don’t have to invest anything to get published.

Bonus area:

If you are not interested in publishing e-books on kindle, then why don’t you design e-books for professionals?

For example:

Many marketers offer free E-book to the readers for gathering their email addresses. They don’t have time to design and write e-books.

You can become a helping hand for them and can easily earn 2000 dollars fast.

10. website flipping

This is another great idea for people who are interested in websites.

As we mentioned below, the Website is a digital property. So, website flipping is the same as property buying and selling business.

You have to build a website on a specific niche and grow it by posting valuable content. Once, it grows you can sell it on some profitable prices.

If you don’t want to build one, then just buy one at low prices and sell it at high prices in another market place. No matter how you do that but just money matters. is a newly introduced website by persons behind It is a really authentic and trustworthy site for buying and selling digital properties like domains and websites.

The advantage is, unlike other flipping marketplaces, It lists your website for free and just takes 5% as a platform commission.

11. sell your art on Etsy

Unique things have their own market. People pay any price to purchase extraordinary things and gifts.

There is a platform called Etsy , designed for selling unique things.

You can sell handmade or fascinating things on Etsy and earn money directly in your bank account.

It quite tough to sell on Etsy as your thing must be unique and exclusive to be eligible for sale. But there are lots of people out there making more than 2000 dollars a month through Etsy.

Some famous things to sell.

  • paintings
  • sculptures
  • handmade crafts
  • toys
  • designer pillows
  • kitchens
  • paper arts
  • and much more…

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12. become an online designer

Do you have a creative mind?

Anyways, If you have little interest in designing things then you can learn photoshop or other designing software and start earning money from that side hustle.

What can you design?

  • professional logos
  • t-shirts
  • Professional website
  • vectors
  • illustrations
  • infographics
  • book cover design
  • graphic design
  • and much more…

How to get started? is an online marketplace specially made for selling designs. You can become a freelancer at 99designs.

Just sign-up and complete your profile. Create and upload a professional-looking portfolio of your work to attract clients.

They will charge 15% platform fees per order. Your payment will be processed in 3 business days.

You can also join freelancing networks like Fiverr and Freelancer. But you will face more competition there.

Earning is quite good as you can earn $30 to $60 per design like a logo or vector.

Final Fry

we suggested above very proven ways to make 2000 dollars fast. But, It depends on you how much effort and time you invest in it.

I personally suggest starting blogging or affiliate marketing if you want to make real money because it worth your efforts.

The reason is, online marketplaces are skyrocketing nowadays and will increase more and more along with time. So, the smartness is to go with the flow.


How to make 2000 dollars fast as a kid

You can make 2000 dollars fast as a kid by selling crafts, becoming an Instagram influencer, becoming a game streamer, website taster, selling stuff online, etc…

Also read: how to make 200 dollars fast as a kid.

How to make 2000 dollars a day online

If you wanna make 2000 dollars a day online then start your youtube channel, start a website, dropship things, resell items, write articles for others, become app developer, review products, become an affiliate marketer, etc…

How to make 2000 dollars a week

Here is a way to make 2000 dollars a week.

start t-shirt printing business, sell products on amazon, rent your house or free space at Airbnb, rent your car at Turo or Lyft, earn from ClickBank, create and sell courses, etc…

How to make 2000 dollars quick

If you want to make 2000 dollars quick then become an E-book writer, flip websites and domain, start a store at Instagram, teach students online, sell photographs, become a postmate, become a designer at 99designs, become a virtual assistant, etc…

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