How to make 200 dollars fast in 2021 [20 legit ways]



Money is the primary need of human being and we can buy our comfort, happiness, and independence through sufficient money.


Do you want to know how to make 200 dollars fast? Well, the answer is simple. You should do some smart work to make 200 dollars fast in less time.


But the condition is, you must put a hundred percent effort and time to get success.


The ways we shared here, can take some time to give you results. And these are tasted and authentic ways.


So, let’s discuss some ideas to make a quick 200 dollars.


How to make 200 dollars fast


1. sell your art on Etsy


Do you love arts and crafts?


If you have ideas to create unique gifts and uncommon masterpieces then you can sell it on Etsy.


Etsy is an online marketplace or a shopping portal for hand made items. It is famous for its unique and extraordinary things that you can’t find anywhere.


People are crazy about unique crafts and vintage items and they can pay even high prices to purchase them.


So, I can say that this is an appropriate place to convert your art into an easy 200 dollars.


What sells well on Etsy?

  • Customized mugs and bottles.
  • Digital artwork.
  • Paintings and drawings.
  • Hand-made jewelry.
  • Customized clothes, t-shirts.
  • Scrapbooks and explosion boxes.
  • Home decor art pieces.
  • Customized toys.
  • Unique gifts.
  • Vintage items.
  • Wedding items.
  • Decorated candles.

How to make money with Etsy?

  1. Select a niche according to your interest and create your shop on Etsy.
  2. List various products with Tags, prices, and beautiful photos.
  3. Get money if your unique product sells.

I think this is the best idea to make 200 dollars fast online.


Earning: based on sales



Tip: if you don’t have art to create unique crafts then buy it from an artist and sell on Etsy.


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2. test websites


If you are 18 years old and you can speak your thoughts loudly in English then you should try this way to make 200 dollars fast online.


You will get paid by giving your loyal opinion on a given website which will take around 20 to 25 minutes.


Which things are required to test websites?

  • a computer with Windows or macOS
  • comfortable internet connection
  • internal or external microphone
  • a screen recorder

How to test websites?

website testers review the full website (page by page) and give their honest opinion by speaking. They have to submit the video recording of the testing to get paid.


which opinions should be considered in website testing?

  1. Website speed and reliability
  2. Check it’s compatibility(for laptop and mobile)
  3. Check If it is user friendly or not
  4. Talk about its functionality
  5. Give your opinion on its design
  6. Check If it is secure or not
  7. And submit.

Usertesting is a famous place for website testers along with a huge client base (35000+ brands).


You will be asked for just an E-mail address to sign up. You have to pass a little test to get testing orders.


After passing the test, you can start earning some bugs immediately every 20 minutes and you can directly redeem it to your Paypal account every 7 days after you complete the job.


Earning: 10 dollars per testing as a beginner.


If you are interested in the website testing then the following video will practically help you to understand the process.



3. deliver stuff and earn money


Do you have some extra free hours?


Again, I have a good idea to occupy your free time to make extra bucks as pocket money.


Well, people are getting busier and order their groceries and food from home. You can get this chance and apply for a delivery guy in various companies I mentioned below.


*The services I suggest below is active for us citizens only.


Requirements to be a delivery guy.

  • have access to a bike or car.
  • must be 18 years old.
  • have access to a mobile phone.

Postmates is a food delivery service that hires delivery boys for groceries, food, and personal items. Here, you will get paid on the bases of km. you have driven, how many orders you have completed in an hour, and time waiting for orders.


Instacart is a great online service for grocery shopping that allows customers for full service or in-store service only. This service is available in us and Canada. They are aimed to deliver items in just 1 hour. you can earn on an hourly bases.


other best options

Earning: 15 to 20 dollars per hour.


4. make 200 dollars fast with Airbnb


Do you have extra rooms in your house?


If your house is large and you have a couple of free rooms then why don’t you list it on Airbnb?


Yes, you can generate passive income by renting your rooms or the whole house on Airbnb.


Airbnb is an online market place where anyone can list their properties for rent and customers come there to get assets on rent.


Just think, you are going on vacation and worried about your home. But instead of worrying, you can list your home at Airbnb and enjoy your journey.


Airbnb is available in more than 191 countries and has a great service for the clients and hosts both.


Let me tell you, Airbnb takes care of host’s safety in case of any problem or damage. Even you can read reviews of the guest before allowing him to come. They also provide host guarantee to protect hosts.


Earning: N/A


So, I think it is a good idea to make 200 dollars today without any effort.




5. become a driver at uber


If you have a car and know to drive it then be your own boss by becoming a driver at uber where you can choose your working hours. Here, you can be an Uber driver as well as deliver foods from Uber eats.


the best thing is if you don’t have a car then you can find one from uber partners.


Requirements for this job

  • you must be 18 years old.
  • access to the mobile.
  • must have a driving license.
  • clear background.
  • residential document.
  • car documents.

Simply sign-up in the app and provide an essential document to get the job or you can directly go to the nearest center.


You will earn money based on how far and how long you drive. Per-minute and per-mile rates are different.


I think it is a nice way to quickly get 200 dollars fast and easy.


Earnings: 400 dollars a month (average)


go to uber


6. start a proofreading job


If you can catch mistakes in documents and articles, then it is a good idea to become a proofreader. This job is available online as well as offline.


You can earn some passive income from home by just occupying your free time to read and correct documents.


Required skills…

  • good attention
  • high accuracy
  • good vocabulary
  • grip on language
  • punctuation and grammar skills

How to get started as a proofreader?

Just find a job near your area or else you can get an online proofreading job at online freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Guru, Freelancer, etc…


Earning: $25 to $35 per hour


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7. start teaching students



Do you love teaching? I love helping people by sharing my knowledge.


You can be a tuition teacher in a particular subject by starting a tuition class at your home as well as join the nearest coaching classes as a tutor.


You can promote your tuition class by advertisements and sharing on social media.


After getting experience as a tutor, you can take an online class at skillshare, Udemy, Coursera, etc… platforms.


8. Earn 200 dollars a day with freelance writing.


If you love writing like me then you can earn money by writing for professionals.


A freelance writer is demanding post as professionals are ready to pay a high amount for quality content. So, if you are serious to make a full-time carrier for making 200 dollars a day then you should definitely try this way.


It will take some time to build your authority and quality but after then you can charge anything you decide.


Who is a freelance writer?

A self-employed person who gets paid for writing professional content for companies, magazines, websites, legal firms, publications, etc… he gets paid based on written words.


What kind of freelance writing jobs are there?


#1. article writing/blog writing – where you write for magazines and websites.


#2. copywriting – it includes product review and buying guide, etc… marketing materials.


#3. technical writing – where you write in a personalized field like medical science or computer engineer.


Qualities of a freelance writer.

  • Good hold on a language.
  • Should have a large vocabulary.
  • Speedy typing.
  • Short and effective writing.
  • Solid grammar and punctuation skills.
  • Passion for writing.
  • Professionalism.

How to get started without experience?

  1. start your blog and have a grip on professional writing.
  2. start guest posting(write a post for other’s websites).
  3. sign-up with contently to showcase your writing skill.
  4. create your FB page and promote your service.

Here is a list of some websites to start …

Earning: $15 to $20 per 500-word article.


Tip: once you get experience, you can start your personal website to provide content writing services.

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9. earn with



Do you have a car? if yes, then you can easily make 200 dollars fast as a kid.


If you have a 9 to 5 job and struggling for passive income then sharing your car is a batter idea to catch some cash without doing anything.


Turo is a website for rental cars. lots of customers come there to take cars on rent. you can list your car at Turo and share it while you don’t need it.


The best thing is you don’t need to pay anything for listing and have the freedom to decide rates.


They are also giving liability insurance up to $750,000 and Physical damage protection.


Earning: $706 per month (according to Turo)


join Turo


10. babysitting job


If you love babies then I have batter idea to generate passive income.


Oh, I am talking about the babysitting job.


What is called babysitting?

This is the responsible job where you get paid for managing people’s children and help them to complete various tasks. A person who performs this job is called a babysitter.


What does a baby sitter do?

Basically, babysitters used to entertain children, cook food for them, and help them for doing homework.

His other tasks include cleaning and preparing bottles for baby, prepare and transport them to school, clean the floor after they play with toys, changing their diapers, teach them some manners, etc…


Who is eligible as a babysitter? 

  • more than 15 years old people
  • some basic certificates
  • knowledge of managing children

Earning: $13 to $15 per hour…


11. get paid from GPT sites


This another way is helpful for those people who don’t have a certain skill and want to make 200 dollars fast.


chill guys, I am sharing that way with you. but, let me inform you that it needs some time and hard work as there is a bunch of very easy tasks.


Now, what is the concept?

Some GPT (get paid to) sites give you real money for various simple tasks. Those tasks take between 5 to 30 minutes. You can redeem your income after reaching a minimum threshold amount.


here are some steps to get started…

step 1: sign-up with your e-mail address (which is free)


step 2: completeyour profile to get more tasks.


step 3: take tasks like taking surveys, watching promotional videos, playing games, referring friends, search online, shop online, etc…


step 4: redeem your earnings in the PayPal account (or get gift cards).


Earning: $5 to $6 per day.


Tip: join more than one GPT platforms to earn sufficient money. Those sites are given below.

InstaGC, Earnably, are reputed GPT sites that pay regularly.


But, Swagbucks is a gorgeous GPT site with many earning options where you can earn SB points(100 SB = 1 dollar) and redeem it in your Paypal account.


join Swagbucks


12. easy data entry work

Are you searching for an easy way to make 200 dollars fast online? then this will help you.


Data entry is something where you get paid to input, edit, delete, or modify electronic data. It can be online or offline.


Tasks are like…

  • copy paste data
  • filling forms
  • format documents
  • excel sheets
  • separate data into different files
  • convert files into a different extension
  • Captcha entry work
  • write a txt file from reading the image
  • and much more.

It is not that hard tasks so, it needs your typing speed, some basic computer knowledge (like excel, Microsoft office, word pad, etc.) and language grip.


Online data entry jobs are easy to get as you can find it on any freelancing site like


Earning: 15 to 20 dollars per hour.


Tip: you can hire workers at low prices and sell your services at higher prices on other freelancing sites.

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13. start your salon


salons are demanding thing nowadays because people are spending money for a stylish look.


If you want to make 200 dollars fast from home then you can definitely start your own salon in a small space.


If you don’t have money to learn from masters then join other salons as an employee where you can get experience. Otherwise, join special courses to learn professional skills.


You can also earn by showcasing various branded products at your salon.


Earning: $500 to $1000 per month


14. resell things on eBay


This way doesn’t need any special skills as you just need to resell the product at a different platform.


The online market is growing more and more. People are buying products from every online platform. This is a benefit for you.


You can simply buy bulk products at low prices from Amazon or Ali express etc… and resell it on high prices at eBay platform because eBay contains quite high prices products.


If you don’t have space to store bulk products then use amazon associates service where they will store your product and deliver it at your given address.


Tip: you can take the help of paid ads to resell your things fast.


15. earn money from Instagram.


Do you use social media?


Most of People are using Instagram which is a golden chance to connect with them and make passive income by using several strategies.


Here is a list of some ways to make 200 dollars fast with Instagram.


#1 create an online store :


You can sell various products by creating a business account on Instagram. you can sell stuff like clothes, jewelry, gifts, crafts, and much more by just showcasing it on your account.

Instagram has the facility to promote your posts by spending some pennies on it. That’s how you can reach a targeted people.


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#2 become an influencer :


If you got the attention of people in a particular field and you have millions of followers on your Instagram account then you can earn thousands of dollars just promoting related brands.


If you are a famous traveler and have lots of people are following you who love to travel then you can promote travel agencies and outdoor-related brands.


You can also earn by promoting new travelers who want to gain followers. I think this is a perfect way to earn 200 dollars a day.


#3 create and sell account :


It is called Instagram account flipping where you are creating an Instagram account on a particular niche, adding attractive posts, gain followers, and sell account on good prices.


Earning: N/A


16. stream on twitch


Everyone likes to play games. Do you like it?


well, Twitch is an online streaming platform where you can earn fast money by creating your channel and streaming game playing videos on it.


You must build your channel and attract an audience to earn. This will not happen overnight. Be patient and consistent.


there are some ways to earn from twitch…


#1. Ask for donation:


you can ask your viewers for donations to appreciate your work. they will donate to help you if your content is unique.


#2. become an affiliate:


you can promote products of different companies and earn commissions if any product sells.


#3. earn for subscription:


twitch will give you $2.50 per person who subscribe to your channel. (after reaching some decided numbers.)


#4. earn from ad:


this platform will place ads on your streaming after you reach enough subscribers. That’s how you can generate revenue.


Earning: n/a


Also read: how to make money on Twitch.


join twitch


17. dogwalker job


If you like dogs and love to spend time with them then dog walking is a side hustle to earn extra cash in your pocket.


Lots of people have their pet dogs. But, they have less time to bring them out for walking. If you convince them to walk their dogs safely and carefully then you can be get paid for this.


The best thing is you don’t require any certificate or skill as a beginner except pet’s first aid and pet care.


You can start advertising door to door by asking your neighbor or friends about this service. They will trust you and give the work.


Your social media account will also be helpful to bring this job. Just post about your service and let people know.


Earning: $20 to $30 per 30 minutes walk.


18. transcriptionist


If you are able to listen sharply and write it down fast then this easy way is for you.


Well, I am talking about a transcription job where you will get money for writing a text file by listening to audio or video files.


here are some examples to define this job…

  • Many students want their classroom recording into a text file.
  • Some professional YouTubers want their own subtitles uploaded on each video.
  • The medical field needs transcribers for documents.
  • courts want typing person to write their statements.

This task is easy as you require fewer skills like typing speed, basic computer knowledge, language grip, etc…


You can join to start a carrier as a transcriber. Just sign-up with your email id and pass the test ( which they are taking to select transcribers). And that’s it.


Other sites to get started with…


Otherwise, You can also post your service at various freelancing platforms like Freelancer, Guru, etc…


You will require a basic laptop and a reliable internet connection to complete the task.


Earning: $15 to $20 per hour.


19. sell photos


If you are a photographer and have lots of professional photos then you can sell it and earn passive income.


Some professional websites and newspapers want good looking photographs to print. They purchase it from some image selling companies.


You can list your photos to those sites and earn some decided amount if your images sell.


Some websites allow video footages, vectors, illustrations along with images.


Carefully list out your items with related tags which increase chances to drive more sales. And just wait.


Note: you will get lower prices at first, but it will increase after some time.


related sites to list your images…


Earning: $0.50 to $1 per image.


Tip: you can start your own image selling website if you have a large photo collection.

20. Sell designs at 99 designs


Do you love designing? I love it.


If you are a creative designer and have various designing arts then you should be a designer at 99 designs.


This site is a freelancing platform specially created to sell designs online. It is a free place to start work.


Here, you sell your designs like…

  • website design
  • lending page design
  • logo design
  • vector design
  • book cover design
  • t-shirt design
  • graphic design
  • and much more…

As other freelancing sites, you need to create a profile and showcase your professional work portfolio to get more orders.


They, charge a 15% platform fee from completed orders and send you money in 3 business days.


Earning: depending on your work.


Final Fry


The ways we mentioned above are authenticated and people are earning well with it.


If you wanna earn passive income then you can choose GPT sites, proofreading, reviewing music, etc…


But, if you want to make a full-time carrier then our personal recommendation is starting your blog, creating your youtube channel, or affiliate marketing.


FAQS( frequently asked questions)


How to make 200 dollars fast online

You can make 200 dollars fast online by article writing, proofreading, website flipping, online coaching, creating a youtube channel, website testing, game streaming, etc…


How to make 200 dollars fast in one day

If you want to make 200 dollars fast in one day then you must build up your system like…


creating your own website, affiliate marketing, dropshipping, FB ads business, freelancing, sell products on Amazon, etc…


How to make 200 dollars fast as a kid

If you are a kid and wanted to make 200 dollars fast as a kid then you can start a dog walking, babysitting, car washing, etc…


Also read: Ways for a kid to make money


How to make 200 dollars a week

You can make 200 dollars a week by renting out your room, renting out your car, e-mail marketing, e-book writing, freelance designing, transcribing, selling your crafts on Etsy, becoming a social media influencer, etc…


How to make 200 dollars a day

If you want to make 200 dollars a day then let me clarify you, It is not just a piece of cake or a pizza. you have to put your effort and time.


You can start a t-shirt printing business, driving at Uber or Lyft, deliver food, write your blog, sell with Shopify, earn with ClickBank or commission junction, etc…


How to make 200 dollars today

Making money is going to be more complex. So, you can make 200 dollars today by starting your salon, sell fashion on Poshmark, sell unique crafts on Instagram, start your web designing company, provide professional article writers through your website.


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