How to make 200 dollars fast as a kid [30 legit ways]

How to make 200 dollars fast as a kid [30 legit ways]

If you reached this article to know How to make 200 dollars fast as a kid, it means either you want to earn pocket money or you just want to help your parents financially. right?


Don’t worry you will definitely bring some value from this article and that is my promise.


One thing you should keep in mind, If you want to make enough money using whatever way, be consistent and put your 100% effort into it.


So, let’s have a look at those magical ways to make 200 dollars fast.


How to make 200 dollars fast as a kid


Become a dog walker


Do you like dogs?


Do you like to play with dogs?


in that case, you should be a dog walker. It is such an easy task as you just go on walking with your client’s dog.


You can start getting this job from your neighbors if they have a dog but don’t have enough time to bring his pet out.


You can advertise your work through a social media account. It will increase the chance to get a job.


The bright side about this job is, you don’t need any type of degree or training except dog first aid and dog care.


Earning: You will earn $20 per 30 minutes walk.


This is a very easy job to raise money as a kid and make 200 dollars fast.


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Start Tuition class for fast $200


Do you have expertise in any subject or art?


many kids start teaching students to gather pocket money. You can also start the same.


You can either start teaching at your home or join any teaching institute as a tutor.


Personalized coaching is also not a bad idea where you have to go to the student’s home and train them personally.


I think this can be the easiest way for kids to make money.


Earning: You can charge $30 to $40 per hour.


Sell crafts as a kid



people search for a unique gift online nowadays and they are ready to pay anything for the unique craft.


If you are a creative kid and love to make various crafts then it is a good idea to sell your skill and convert it into 200 dollars easily.


Which type of crafts should you make?

  • paintings
  • sketches
  • paper arts(origami)
  • toys
  • kitchens
  • jewelry
  • woolen crafts

Where to sell these crafts?

Etsy is the best marketplace to sell your crafts in batter prices. Etsy is specially made for unique and handmade things. So, your crafts will easily sell in this marketplace.


you can also list your crafts on amazon, e-bay, Flipkart, etc.


Otherwise, you can make your own site to sell homemade items.


Earning: N/A


sell on Etsy


social influencer


The craze of social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter is increasing more and more nowadays.


If you have a social media account with thousand of followers than you can easily earn 200 dollars as a kid.


Who is a social media influencer?

A social media influencer is a person who gathered popularity on social media at a specific field or we can say he created the image of an expert at a specific niche in the social media


In short, social media influencers have millions of followers in their accounts.


If you don’t have this type of account then you can create one and scale it on the specific niche (a topic which you love).


How can you get money as an influencer?

Various stuff selling companies love social influencers because they have millions of followers in a specific niche.


Those companies approach influencers like you and pay money for advertising their stuff.


So, if you are an expert in your niche then scale your account on social media because this way will definitely help you to make easy money as a kid.


Earning: you can earn thousands of dollars using this tip.


Start your channel



Youtube is the most powerful way to make $200 fast as a kid because this platform is running worldwide and offers free signup.


If you are powerful at something like arts, music, dance, etc.. then you can easily make 200 dollars by making videos.


How to get started with the youtube channel?


You can start a youtube channel by signing into a google account.


Once you registered, you will be asked for channel name and channel art.


It is important to start your journey with a particular niche. You must love your niche to get succeed on youtube.


Constantly post videos and wait for 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time.


After that, you can monetize your channel with Google AdWords to generate money online.


How much money you can make from youtube?


Once your channel reaches 1000 subscribers, your earning will be started.


Earning on youtube is based on your traffic but, typically it pays 1 dollar per 1000 views.


Here is a beginner’s guide to starting a brand new youtube channel.



Babysit/mom’s assistant


This is a very suitable task for kids who don’t have any special skills.


Do you like kids? do you love spending time with kids?


If you have little experience to manage kids, then you can go with this one.


Responsibility is an important factor for babysitters.


Who is called a babysitter?

A person who gets paid for managing other’s children and helps them to complete various tasks is called a babysitter.


what are the tasks of a babysitter?

  • entertain children
  • prepare and transport them to school
  • clean the floor after they play with toys
  • cook food for children
  • help them for doing homework
  • teach them some manners
  • changing their diapers
  • clean and prepare bottles for them
  • other household work.

If you are 15 to 17-year old then you can be eligible for this job because it is quite a responsible task to manage babies.


you generally need cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid certification for babysitting jobs which you can complete in two days.


Earning: $13 to $15 per hour.


Set Up Social Media Accounts for others



Every company or a professional person needs social media accounts to scale the business. Some online marketers need 10 to 20 social accounts to sell stuff online.


You can offer them to set up and manage their social media accounts.


Your tasks:

  • create relevant content
  • post it on social media
  • analyze client’s competitors
  • build marketing strategies
  • manage comments

This job is quite responsible and related to the professional world. So, my advice is to learn it properly before you start providing service.


So, this way you can earn easy 200 dollars as a kid.


Earning: you will make $20 to $35 per hour as a beginner.


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wash cars and bikes


If you have not any certain skill or certificate then choose this simple task.


Go door to door in your neighborhood and tell them about your service.


Everyone owns a car or bike nowadays. so, they will obviously give a chance to encourage you.


Earning: $8 to $10 per hour.


How to make money as a kid online


website flipping


If you have little interest in the website development then you can of course start making money with this way.


The website flipping is like a property construction business where people build a good looking website on a particular niche and after some months, they sell it on profitable prices.


You need to invest some money to purchase domain names and hosting. And your time will also be invested.


After posting some articles and driving essential traffic on the website, you can sell it at any price you want.


But, the disadvantage is – if you fail to drive efficient traffic on the site Or in other words, if your selected niche failed then you will lose your money.


If your website is making $1000 per month then you can sell it around $25,000 or more depending on demand.


Tip: if you can’t make a website then buy a website at low prices and sell at high prices.


Flippa is the marketplace where you can buy and sell websites on the bidding system. Here, you can list your site with a price tag and photo of the site.


Also read: all information about website flipping.


Teach online.


If you have expertise in any particular subject then you can easily make 200 dollars by teaching online.


Teachable is a well-known website where you can create and sell your own course and get paid if anyone purchases it.


The basic plan starts at 29 dollars and the transaction fee is 5%.


you will automatically get your earned money into PayPal account once per month.


Skillshare is another platform where you can sell your course and earn money.


The best part of this platform is you can start teaching without paying anything.


If any student purchases premium membership using your referral link then you will get 10 dollars.


they pay royalties to teachers based on watch-time.


You can earn more money by accepting a teaching challenge. Must read the teacher’s handbook before you start teaching.


You can also go with udemy which is absolutely free.


Earning: N/A (based on your work)


Earn with affiliate marketing



If you are a little patient and hardworking person then you can earn more than 200 dollars as a kid with this trading way.


Affiliate marketing is the concept where you pick a product from an affiliate network and get a huge commission by selling that product.


But, first of all, you have to gain traffic towards you to sell any affiliate product.


for example,

If you want to sell a beauty product then you need ladies or girls to see your product.


How to get traffic for affiliate marketing?

  • start your youtube channel
  • start your niche website/blog
  • use Facebook advertising platform
  • use Google AdWords
  • email marketing
  • social media marketing
  • product reviews
  • quora

Best affiliate platforms

  • Click bank
  • jvzoo
  • commission junction
  • Amazon affiliates

Also read: the ultimate guide for affiliate marketing


Domain parking


Domain parking is the concept where you just buy a domain name and park it for later use like making money, landing page, etc.


Here, you just have to buy a domain name of popular keywords like,,,, etc.


These domain names will cost you too low prices and you can sell it on high prices depending on its demand. is the website where you can park your domain without paying anything. When visitors come to that domain name, they will see your decided price for that domain.


You can buy and sell domain names on Flippa marketplace.


Start blogging



If you are quite interested in writing and marketing, then this is the golden way to make easy 200 dollars as a kid.


What is blogging?

The blogging term is related to provide information where you choose a niche and start writing valuable information in the form of articles.


You require your own blog to post articles on it, which you can start at for free.


There are many aspects to start your blog like keyword research, article writing skills, etc.


Here, your earning is depend on the quality of your content because the content is the king.


If you can afford little investment, then buy a custom domain and host it through blogger(free) platform. Otherwise, you can also start without domain but that way you can’t reach more people.


Once you post 15 to 20 quality articles, send monetization request to google Adwords.


Google AdWords is the ad network that will pay you money for posting ads on your blog.


After gaining more traffic, you can also promote affiliate marketing through your blog.


Also read: how to write a good blog to get more traffic?


Sell photographs


do you like photography?


If you have lot’s of photos into your camera roll and you are thinking to delete it then wait, I have an idea to convert your photos into cash.


Lots of bulletins and websites want professional-looking photos to print on their newspaper or blog.


They, buy bulk photos from various image sites like Shutterstock.


You can register and list your images to those sites and get paid if anyone buys your photo.


Video footage, vectors, and illustrations are also allowed to sell along with images.


Tip: list each image with an appropriate tag to get more chances of selling.


Sites to sell your photos…

Earning: $0.25 to $1 per image.


Become a streamer


Do you love playing video games? I think kids love playing games.


What if I say that you can make money by playing your favorite video games?. Isn’t fascinating?


Yes, you can make easy 200 dollars as a kid by streaming game videos.


Who is a game streamer?

a game streamer is a person who broadcasts himself on an online platform in real-time while playing his favorite game or stream pre-recorded video of gameplay.


Twitch is an online streaming platform for gamers where you can live stream your game playing videos and earn money via the following ways…


  1. You can ask for a donation from your viewers.
  2. you can collect bits(twitch points) from your followers.
  3. collect $2.50 per person who subscribe to your channel.
  4. Once you get enough subscribers, Twitch will place ads on your streaming and you will earn from ad revenue.

Earning: N/A


Also read: how to make money on Twitch.


Earn 200 dollars as a kid with freelancing



Are you ready to make money by providing your online services? I am sure you are.


If you owned skills like designing, marketing, writing, etc… then you can walk on this way.


But, the good news is you can do freelancing without any skills. So, let’s know about it.


What is Freelancing?

It is a job from home where a person works to fulfill orders given by clients. There is no time-bound. You can work anytime and anywhere. Freelancers earn money based on hours or days.


The benefit is you don’t need to work under anyone and if you don’t have any skills then just take orders from online freelancing platforms and hire anyone to fulfill that order.


Which services to provide as a freelancer?

  • logo designing.
  • video editing/ video intro.
  • editing in photoshop
  • virtual assistant
  • data entry
  • content writing
  • digital marketing
  • photography
  • and much more…

Fiverr is the best marketplace for freelancers. As its name says, all gigs start from five dollars. It takes 5% of all your orders as a transaction fee and you will get the rest of the money.


Freelancer is another online marketplace where people hire freelancers on an hourly or daily basis. you can also apply for jobs that are already posted by buyers.


Earning: starting from 5 dollars (based on orders)


Resell things online


Do you want to earn 200 dollars fast as a kid without any skill?


Let me explain this way to earn money as a kid where you don’t need any skills or degrees.


This is the concept where people buy some products at a low price and sell them on online shopping portals like e-bay or Facebook market place.


Here you are just a middle man, between the manufacturer and customer. You don’t need to have your own product.


How to become a reseller?


  1. find the niche you like.
  2. Search for products with low prices and purchase them.
  3. create your seller account on e-bay.
  4. list those chosen products at high prices.

you can also run a Facebook campaign for selling your products.


Earning: N/A


Also read: A to Z on how to become a re-seller.


How to make money as a kid at home


Freelance writing



Do you love writing as I do?


I am writing for 5 years because it is my passion. If you can write articles in a talkative way, then freelance writing is the best option to earn money and freedom from home.


people are spending a high amount of money for quality content. so, content writing is a pretty good choice as a carrier.


This is something different than essay writing because you are writing content for professionals. So, let’s understand this concept.


Who is called a freelance writer?

A person who writes for magazines, websites, legal firms, etc… without having an employer and gets paid for publishing his content is called a freelance writer. Freelance writing also referred to as creative writing.


Types of freelance writing

  • article writing/blog writing (for the magazine, websites)
  • copywriting ( for legal firms)
  • technical writing (description of product or service)

Qualities of a freelance writer

  • good grip on the language
  • large vocabulary
  • good typing speed
  • short and effective writing
  • solid grammar and punctuation skills
  • love for writing
  • professionalism

here is a list of some websites to start your writing journey…

Tip: if you have expertise in creative writing then create your own website and showcase your rates for different types of writing.


Earning: $15 to $20 per 500-word article (as a beginner).


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Develop and sell apps


If you are a technical kid and having a knowledge of android and ios app development skill then you can develop and sell app for others.


The app developer is demanding post right now because online surfing has been increased over 80% and the new company or start-ups want their own app to scale the business.


Requirements to be an app developer

  • knowledge of languages like android, ios
  • a laptop with batter configuration
  • creativity
  • designing skills
  • love for app development
  • knowledge of database

You can find app development work on Fiverr or Upwork.


Earning: N/A (based on your efforts)


If you want to discover basic things on how to become a mobile app developer then watch the following video:



Transcription job


This job is very trending as internet surfing is growing more and more.


Here, you can start with little or no experience. You just require listening and writing skills.


A person who listens audio or video files and writes it into a text file is referred to as transcriber.


You require typing speed, language grip, listening accuracy, etc.. for completing this task fast and easily.


Types of the transcriber.


  1. medical transcriber who works on medical documents.
  2. legal transcriber who works for a court and legal journals.
  3. general transcriber who works for a variety of businesses and also provide personal services. is an amazing place for transcribers to get started with. Here, you will get paid weekly via Paypal.


Once you have done the joining process, they will take a little test to check your abilities. If you pass that, you will be given audio or video files to transcribe into text files.


Other sites for this job…


Earning: 15 to 20 dollars per hour.


Data entry



Data entry job is also one of the easiest and works from home job that refers to add, edit, and verify various types of electronic data with the help of a computer.


Tasks in data entry work…

  • read images and write into a text file
  • copy paste job
  • form filling
  • paid surveys
  • captcha entry
  • document formatting
  • data formatting and editing
  • convert files
  • update database
  • and much more…

Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer are the best sites to get a data entry job easily.


You should have a language grip, typing skill, and computer skills to perform your job perfectly.


Alert: Be aware of scammers who ask for money to provide a data entry job. just avoid those sites and go with an authentic one.


Earning: anywhere between $10 to $15 per hour.


Also read: Earn online money without investment.


Virtual assistant


This is a very common job for beginners, so you can definitely start your online income journey with this easy job.


Who is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a person who works from home to perform different tasks as per the client’s requirement and gets paid on an hourly basis.


Tasks for a general virtual assistant…

  • checking emails
  • managing social media account
  • managing website
  • updating website content
  • managing comments on the blog
  • managing complaints by customers
  • booking appointment with clients
  • giving answers to messages

The biggest benefit of being a general VA is you don’t require any special skills since you will be asked for some common and easy tasks.


Websites that provide this job…

Earning: $3 to $5 per hour (less money but comparatively easy job)


Save money with the trim app



Do you spend lots of money on unnecessary things? I also had the same problem.


But, what if someone observes your expenses automatically and negotiates your bills to save extra money? isn’t fascinating?


I am talking about the Trim app which is also called AskTrim. It was launched in 2015 and It helps to reduce our money spendings.


Trim is basically a personal finance management company and user privacy is most important for them.


they helped people to save more than 10 million dollars by negotiating cable, internet, phone, and medical bills, etc…


The best part about the Trim app is, It’s auto bot inspects all your subscription plans and cancel unwanted plans for you(if you allow).



join Trim





If you don’t have any special skills and still you want to 200 dollars fast, then this easy way is surely for you.


Dropshipping is a slightly similar business model to affiliate marketing. in this model, the owner doesn’t have products in stock. He just redirects the order to the third party who directly fulfills the customer’s order.


You require a professional-looking website to list products and Aliexpress account to place orders( given by your customers).


Ways to drive traffic on products…

  • add blog section along with products on your website.
  • drive traffic from paid ads(FB, Google)
  • use solo ads.
  • email marketing.
  • SEO for organic traffic.

The biggest benefit of Dropshipping is you don’t need to have products and still you can decide your own product rates.


If you want fast results, just learn FB marketing and invest money to showcase your products in front of high paying customers.


You can start this business easily with the Shopify platform who provides high-quality web templates with the best hosting and facility to collect payments.


Tip: calculate shipping charges and overall cost before you decide the actual product price.


If you are interested in the Dropshipping business model then the following video will help you to explore deep things about Dropshiping.




6 easy ways for kids to make money


shop online and earn money


Do you shop online regularly? anyways I love to shop online.


What if you earn extra money by shopping online? interesting, right?


Well, some well-known websites offer up to 40% cashback on your routine online purchases.


How do you earn cashback?

online brands and companies pay money to cashback sites for showing their stuff and if you buy anything through that promo code or coupon, cashback sites give you a little amount of cashback from their earnings.


Rakuten is the best cashback site with 2500 online stores that offer fascinating cashback in the form of a coupon, promo code, or gift card.


You just need to sign-up through your email id and choose one of those interesting offers to shop. And you are done. Your extra money will be in your account.


I think this is a very easy way to make 200 dollars fast as a kid.


Earning: based on your shopping.


join Rakuten


Share your opinion on survey sites


Do you know how much your opinions are important for various companies?


You can earn a few bucks by just giving your opinions on survey sites which are also called GPT(get paid to) sites.


GPT sites let you earn instant money online absolutely free in less effort.


You just require to sign-up and fill out your complete profile to get started.


You can also earn money by watching promotional videos, playing games, referring friends, search online, shop online, etc… through GPT sites.


Surveyjunkie, Opinionoutpost, Lifepoints are reputed GPT sites for paying regularly.


But, Swagbucks is the best international survey site that pays you money in the form of SB(swag points.)


You can redeem your earning after reaching a minimum threshold amount.


Earning: $5 to $6 (low but legit)



join Swagbucks



Review music


Do you know, you can share your opinion on the music track before it is even released?


If you are a song lover and enjoy listening to music then this is a musical way to earn extra bucks.


There is no requirement of special skills. You just listen to music and share your loyal opinion.


Your opinion will help the singer to modify that track and produce batter ones.


you will be given anonymous music track which you have to listen for at least 90 seconds. Then you can post your review in a minimum of 45 words.


Slicethepie is a music review website that gives 2 cents per review as a beginner.


Tip: consider some points like lyrics, vocal, bits, instruments, etc… in your review.


Earning: $3 to $4 per hour (low but easy)



join Slicethepie



Search web.


Do you know that you can get paid for surfing the internet?


Yes, you read right. you can earn extra bucks while searching on google or other search engines.


Qumee is a GPT site where you can earn in dollars by using the Qumee browser and clicking on results.


You can also earn via taking surveys or watching videos on Qumee and get 200 dollars fast as a kid.


Irazoo is another GPT site that pays for searching.


If you search through Irazoo search engine, You will earn random Irazoo points as well as gift cards.


Earning: N/A


Also read: earn PayPal money instantly.


Make money with M-Turk as a kid


m-Turk provides micro tasks to freelancers and Amazon owned this website.


It Gives microtasks like data entry, data verification, form filling, captcha verification, information gathering, data processing, copy-paste, etc..


I think these tasks do not need any skill. So, kids can start making pocket money with simple tasks.


Earnings are very low at M-Turk but work is also very easy. So, it is definitely worth trying.


Earning: $2 to $3 per hour.



join m-Turk



Earn fast $200 with Paribus


Did you ever experience price drops after you purchased any product? you got that as your bad luck. Right?


But, let me introduce you to the Paribus website that reviews all our bills and if it detects price drops in our purchased products, we will get a notification and it will help us to get that extra money back.


Isn’t interesting? of course, it is useful.


You require to Sign-up with the same E_mail address, in which you are getting all your bills. And your task is done.


I think it will help you to make 200 dollars fast as a kid.



Join Paribus



Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQs)


Here, we are explaining answers to some FAQs. So, stay tuned.


How to make 200 dollars fast

You can make 200 dollars fast by starting your blog, resell things online, teach online, create and sell a website, become a freelancer,

Affiliate marketing, etc…


How to make 200 dollars in a day

you can earn 200 dollars in a day by selling unwanted things online, affiliate marketing, selling products on amazon, social media influencer, earn with Etsy, become Postmate, etc…


How to make money fast as a kid

You can make money fast as a kid by becoming babysitter, mom’s Halper, Dog walker, car and bike washer, craft seller, drop shipper, product reseller, etc…


How to make easy money as a kid

You can make easy money as a kid by taking paid surveys, watching videos, surfing the internet, reviewing music, using Paribus, playing games, using cashback sites, etc…


How to make money as a teenager

you can easily make money as a teenager by testing websites, freelance writing, website flipping, domain parking, become uber driver, resell things online, design logos, becoming social media manager, etc…


How can kids make money

kids can make money by teaching children, selling handmade crafts, selling photos, starting a youtube channel, starting a gaming channel on Twitch, giving opinions online, testing websites, becoming virtual assistant, data entry, watching videos, etc…

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