How to be a good blog writer in 30 days.- 3 steps guide for blog writing.

Blogging is one of the most favorite ways to earn money nowadays. But the question is:
what is blog writing? or
How to be a good blog writer?

Do you have zero experience in blogging or blog writing?

Want to learn how to write a blog professionally?

Got confused about how to be a good blog writer?

If the questions asked above are hammering on your mind then no worries, every professional blogger starts with no skills. Practice makes a man perfect.

 What is a blog? 


A blog is one type of informational website which provides valuable information to people in the form of blog posts.

Google introduced the blogger platform in 1999 to encourage the writers to make their blog posts. From there blogging concept has been popular.

 what is a blog writing? 


Blog writing is a skill to write a professional-looking blog that drives more traffic and provide appropriate information that people are looking for.

WordPress and Blogger are the best platforms for blog writing.

 Who is eligible as a good blog writer? 


      for this skill you should have:

  • basic knowledge of the term “blogging”.
  • a basic vocabulary of a language in which you want to start a blog.
  • an interest in your selected niche.

 How to be a good blog writer? 


  1. Try to recognize what do readers want from your blog?
  2. write the first two paragraphs carefully as it attracts readers to read further.
  3. Go point to point don’t write unnecessary content.
  4. Write short passages because long paragraphs will seem ugly.
  5. Give real-time examples to lead people to trust your data.
  6. Include relevant images and videos to make your post spicy.
  7. Write an article that communicates.
  8. Give your real opinion. Don’t copy anyone’s concept.

As a new blog writer, I faced some major issues in my blog posts based on that experience,

Here, I am sharing three valuable steps that almost every professional blog writers follow.

If you will follow some steps given here, I am assuring you that, your knowledge about blog writing will be boosted.



Before I start, one thing everyone should print in the mind that your content is the king.

So, give your attention to building great content than other stuff like theme or style.

Another thing is, be consistent with what you are doing. You won’t be successful in one night.

But loyally, if you put some efforts towards your goal, anyone can’t stop you from achieving success.

 Part 1. Pre-planning about your blog post 


Any valuable creation needs to be pre-planned before we start it.

You may think, why you need to pre-plan our blog post? it is time-consuming. right?

The answer is- you are not wasting time but investing it in your future success.

Good fortune is what happens when
opportunity meets with planning
                                                                                                      -Thomas Edison

Imagine – you are going somewhere in your car but, you don’t know the exact way to reach there.

I am sure, you will be confused and become late to reach the destination.

Exactly, pre-planning helps us get an estimation of how much time and effort it will take to feature a complete blog.

According to my experience, newcomers need 4 to 5 hours to complete a blog post. But I suggest, you should review your writing a couple of times.

 pre-planning step 1. choose a topic you are interested in: 


Some beginners get blogging as a money-making machine and start writing on high competition niches without any planning or interest in that niche.

And the result turns into failure because they feel bore with the topic itself in a short period.

Just think, if you are writing the content just because it makes you money and you are not interested in the niche then, how a reader will love your content?

Make sure you provide quality content as you are building a brand.

Don’t let feel your readers that you are spamming.

So, the golden rule is: start writing on what you are familiar with and you like talking about it.
Here is an example:

If you are health conscious, then start writing about it. No matter how much you know about this field.

Take that topic as your main niche. Other stuff will explore further.

 pre-planning step 2. keyword research: 


If you are a little familiar with blogging, you must know the importance of keyword research.

It is the backbone of blogging because all browsers show results based on keywords used in the post.

We will not discuss this topic more here because this post focuses on blog writing. You can learn advanced keyword research here.

But as pre-planning, we will also focus on keyword research.

Use the main keyword in the headline and first paragraph.

Don’t repeat your keyword too much time because it is known as keyword stuffing and it will irritate your readers.

Google keyword planner is the best tool to find useful keywords.

You can also get ideas from google suggestions.

 pre-planning step 3. quick research before writing: 


Observation is the primary strategy of every successful blogger.

The most dangerous person
is the one who listens,
thinks, and observes. 
                                                                       – BRUCE LEE

In this phase, we will research what others write about the same topic.

First, go to Google and search the topic, you want to write on.

Now, read the first 10 posts given in search results by Google.

(we consider Google as primary information resource since it covers 70% of market among all browsers).

Those posts are your competition. So, try to recognize what is unique among those posts. Why people are getting engage with that stuff.

For example:


example of unique blog writing


This is the famous website

Like all other websites, they talk regarding the reader’s problems.

yet, the best part of this website is they use well-designed pictures to make their users easily understand the concept.

Due to that different strategy, Wikihow became one of the most popular sites in the world.

 pre-planning step 4. create road-map of the post: 


Now, let’s go to the point :

Take a notepad file and note down – which topics your competitors are including in their stuff.

Now, refine your note and list out – which topic you want to include in your blog post.

Finally, hammer your mind and think – how can you provide little different content compared to others

The best part of this research is: you will discover valuable content from top sites and provide readers in one place.

 Summary of pre-planning 


  • pre-planning is an important part as it helps to find the proper way towards success.
  • choose a familiar or interesting topic to write on, so you can serve realistic stuff and enjoy your work.
  • Do proper keyword research because it is the backbone of any post. Based on that, your post will be ranked.
  • overview your competitors – how they write, and what is the uniqueness of their stuff.
  • Take a brief note about which points you want to add in your post based on your research.

 Part 2. Create an eye-catching title that attracts the reader.


There is a famous proverb I remember,


Means, if you will get success presenting your product to people in the right way, your product will be sold.

 Why the main title is important? 

  • convinces people to click and read the post.
  • contains your main keyword.
  • describes, what is your post contains.

 How to write an eye-catching main title? 

There are two ways to write an attractive headline. Both are recommended in different situations.

1. Add exact figures to your title :

For example :

If you want to write about make money online with youtube then, your title should be one of below :

How I made $500 from youtube (read here)
or else
5 secret tips to get $500 per month from youtube.

2. Use “how to” phase or “top ways” phase in the title :

For example :

If you want to write about skin problems like pimples, then your main title should be:

How to reduce pimple from oily skin
or else
Top 5 ways to get rid of pimples for oily skin.

Try to make your headline as long as possible because it will contain more keywords and your post will be ranked on more than one keywords.

 Summary of how to write the eye-catching title: 


The main title is important because it convinces people to read your post.

Two types of titles attract people :

  • first which contains exact figures.
  • the second which contains ‘how to’ or ‘top ways’ phases.

 Part 3. an attractive blog writing. 



Before we start, I will discover very basic rules to write quality content.

  • Write more than 800 words in your post to properly describe the content.
  • As I said above, content is the king. If your blog fulfills the reader’s requirement, It will rank in Google.
  • You should increase your vocabulary to write an effective article.

Attractive post step 1: what do readers want from your blog?


Almost all people start the blog for making money. No doubt it is necessary to be tuned with the work but, as a beginner focus on your content. Put some value into it. Gain the trust of your readers.

According to google results, employees spend 9.3 hours per week and end up wasting hours of precious time.


average time people spend on searching


Why their time is being wasted?

The simple reason is They are trying to find something but their requirements are not getting fulfilled.

When you try to write an effective blog according to your reader’s requirements, they will be satisfied.

If you want to be an effective blog writer, Then the first question you must consider is :

what do your readers want from your post?

Try to think like your targeted people and write the stuff according to their demand.

Sometimes, they need different information than you provide. In that case, your overall site impression will be down.

Be connected to your regular readers through social media to gather their interest.

Read comments and Do reply to those comments. So, you can gather people’s reviews.

Attractive post step 2: write the first two paragraph carefully: 


You ever went to google and searched for any query?

If the answer is yes – then you probably know that the results showed by google on the first page have good traffic.

Why did they rank on the top page?

Because their content is more effective as it is liked by readers.

People spend more time on their sites. As a result, google starts to boost those pages.

The point is :

people judge your content in just a couple your paragraph.

If they get it valuable or useful then they read otherwise they will bounce to the other page.

Your task is to engage them throughout the post so, google boosts your page and you can reach more and more people.

So as a blog writer, focus on the first two paragraphs as well as use the main keyword into it. Make it as interesting as possible.

Don’t write any negative thoughts in a couple of paragraphs otherwise, they will not read further.

for example :

 Bad example.

Do you want to make money through the internet these days?

Making money online is not an easy task.

It is very struggling for beginners.

You also need to invest money because freeways are very slow.

Good example.

Do you want to make money through the internet these days?

Are you from them who start to make passive income online?

Getting confused about how to get started?

congratulations, you are in the right place.

Here, we are providing beginner’s guide about different genuine ways to make some passive income.

so, let’s get started.


Now, the point is – give more courage to people in the first couple of lines. So, they feel enthusiastic and read further.

Attractive post step 3: Go point to point: 


Everyone who comes on the search engine has a purpose to get something.

Print one thing in your mind as a blog writer – readers come to your post due to solve their problems or they want some information.

If you fill unnecessary stuff into your blog, readers will be irritated and you will make a negative impression in their mind.

So, try to give the necessary information, that the user wants. Don’t distract from the topic.

Give a content table on top of the article. So, the readers can redirect to their interested topic.

Attractive post step 4: Write short passages: 


Formatting your post is effective to gain traffic and engage people.

Big sentences and long paragraphs are a sign of bad formatting.

It seems ugly to your readers because it irritates them and less their interest to read all the content.

Here are some guidelines to give proper formatting to the article.

  • Write short sentences.
  • paragraphs should contain only 3 to 4 sentences.
  • I am giving here good as well as bed paragraph’s example.


 Good example 

Example of clean blog writing


 Bad example 

Example of dirty blog writing

Attractive post step 5: Lead people to trust your data: 


No matter how much content you provide in your blog post, if your data is not realistic then anyone won’t believe in that.

What is the way to lead people to trust your data?

The answer is simple: Give the proof of what you are saying.

Just imagine, I am talking about how to earn six feature income online in my article.

will you believe in my talk?

I know you won’t trust.

But, what if I show a screenshot of my AdSense account as a proof?

You must trust my data. Right?

Exactly, you should give real-time examples and information to lead people to believe in your content.


Attractive post step 6: Include relevant images and videos:


Usually, a lengthy post makes people bore and irritate.

Adding an image to your post, make it more effective and user friendly.

Some times people don’t want to read the whole post, they just scroll up and try to understand the topic through images.

( I also used to scroll up and judge the topic by images because I haven’t patient to read the whole article.)

Images also reduce the complexity of the topic.

You can also add your videos to practically teach the topic. If your visitors don’t want to read the article then they can go through your videos.

Youtube is the best platform to make videos. You can earn money also through youtube.

Attractive post step 7: Write an article that communicates:


Great connection,
begins with communication

So many bloggers provide informational blogs. Although they have valuable content, their pages can’t rank.

The simple reason is: they just provide information, don’t write a communicative article.

How to write an article that communicates?

It’s so simple.

Put some communicative sentences in your post like questions. So, they feel some interest in your post and read further.

For example:

I’m writing a post about getting rid of pimples.

Here, I am providing good as well as bad quality content.

 good quality content. 

pimples are the most common problem for teenagers.

Do you have so many pimples?

Don’t you know how to get rid of it?

Have you done so many efforts but didn’t got a good result?

(This type of communicative question should be asked)

If your answer is yes, then stay tuned to this post because we will discuss the genuine ways to get rid of a pimple with zero cost.

Here, we will use the Aloe vera and turmeric.

Aloe vera contains anti-oxidant which stops pimple from deeper skin.

Turmeric helps to remove dark spots caused by pimples.

Remedy :

Grab aloe vera gel from its pieces.

Now, add turmeric into it.

And mix it well until it looks together.

That’s all guys. You can apply it 2 times a day.

You can store it for 3 to 4 days.

 bad quality content. 

Hello, guides. Here, I will talk about getting rid of stubborn pimples. For that, we will take 2 pieces of aloe vera and 1 tablespoon turmeric. Aloe vera is very effective to the skin because it contains anti-oxidant which stops pimple from deeper skin. Turmeric helps to remove dark spots caused by pimples.

Remedy :

Grab aloe vera gel from pieces. now, add turmeric into it. And mix it well until it looks together. That’s all guys. You can apply it 2 times a day. You can store it for 3 to 4 days.

Attractive post step 8: Give your real opinion as a genuine blog writer:


Some times new bloggers don’t know which content they should provide.

They just go to different sites, steal their data, and paste the same content in the article.

As I said above, content is the king. You can’t put the same kind of content, to be a genuine blog writer.

It is not necessary to copy other’s concepts. be different to gather the attention of viewers.

” Sometimes, its good to take
a different way in order to get success. “

Be your self and tell, what you think and what you experienced.

 Summary of attractive blog posts. 


  • Try to recognize what do readers want from your blog?
  • write the first two paragraphs carefully as it attracts readers to read further.
  • Go point to point don’t write unnecessary content.
  • Write short passages because long paragraphs will seem ugly.
  • Give real-time examples to lead people to trust your data.
  • Include relevant images and videos to make your post spicy.
  • Write an article that communicates.
  • Give your real opinion. Don’t copy anyone’s concept.

 Part 4. Review your blog. 


No one can be perfect for the first time. Perfection needs constant improvement.

Your First draft is just a wasted piece. You should review it a couple of times to get the best outcome.

Here are some ways to improve your blog’s quality to get batter results.

 Review your blog step 1. reduce repetition: 


Sometimes, readers feel too awkward to read the content with repetitive words.

It doesn’t look so professional and worthy stuff as readers get bore.

Try to write different words in place of using the same word or phrase.

you can search for synonyms of any repetitive word and replace that.

If you have a habit to use a particular word then try to avoid it or

replace it with a synonym.

 Review your blog step 2. Take someone’s opinion on your content: 


Opinion or criticism are our friends as we can improve our work through it.

You can ask your friends or colleagues to review your work. Their suggestions will give you new ideas to implement on the blog post.

you should take the opinion of a person who is a little familiar with your topic. Otherwise, it will be your time waste.

You can use the Grammarly app to review your spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes.

 Review your blog step 3. Final touch: 


All the improvement is complete here. Now, its time to eat a piece of cake (Just kidding). A couple of things you consider to give fruitfulness to your work.

  • Resize your images to improve your site’s speed.
  • change fonts of headlines and make them bold.
  • read your article loudly at once and do changes if anything you feel ugly.
  • provide a content table at the starting of the article.
  • provide a summary at the end of the article.



There are no illustrations that can calculate who is a good blog writer or how to be an effective blog writer.

All you should consider is consistency and dedication.

Don’t afraid of getting failed as failure gives us experience and that is an invaluable stone for us.

I used to observe that people start blogging with enthusiasm and they quit after a couple of months.

If you can’t give 100%, then don’t start it at all.

Start your work with a positive mindset and set a goal to reach somewhere.

That’s all guys. Wishing you happy blogging. I hope you all got the answer of how to be a good blog writer.


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