Earn paypal money instantly

Do you want to earn PayPal money instantly? But don’t know, how to get started?


Are you really thinking that free PayPal money is just a scam? or
do you afraid of being cheated by any online website or app?


If you are suffering from the questions mentioned above, Then you are at the right place. Here we are giving an ultimate guide on how to get free PayPal money fast and easy.


so, hold your sit tightly and get ready to earn free PayPal money as easy as eating a piece of cake or taking pictures.


First of all, we will explain the answers to some questions. So, you can start to earn free PayPal money instantly with a clear mindset.


Is free PayPal money legit?


This is the first question everyone thinks before occupying their time and mind.

According to me, yes free PayPal money is legit hence it can’t make you rich overnight but, if you will occupy your free time in taking surveys or playing games or watching promotional videos, then you can generate side income.


It totally depends on, which website you use to start making free PayPal money.


For that reason, We have suggested a few reputed and worthy websites and apps that will help you to free PayPal cash instantly.


How can I get free PayPal money?


Let me clear the definition of free money.

I think the money you can make by doing an easy task or by fewer efforts in your free time is called free money.


So, the point is – no one will deposit even a penny for doing nothing. You must give some effort and your free time to get some free PayPal cash.


I hope you have cleared your mindset before reading further. Let’s go to the next question.

How can I get 10 dollars fast on PayPal?


If you want to get 10 dollars fast then There are many sites available in the market called GPT (Get Paid To) sites that pay their members for taking surveys, watching promotional videos, playing games, reading email, or shopping online and referring to their site.


It’s very easy to get membership in those sites with just your email address.


once you have done with the sign-up process, You will see stuff like surveys to complete and promotional videos to see and much more on their dashboard.


After completing the challenge you have taken, They will give some points or dollars. You can redeem it in the form of PayPal cash or gift cards.


You can also earn free PayPal money by referring to a particular site. They pay around 10 to 15% of what your friends earn in a lifetime.


I think you can easily earn free $100 with PayPal in one month if you
continuously work in your free time.


We have given a list of some reputed GPT sites that will surely give you some free PayPal money.


How To Earn PayPal Money Instantly?



Before we start discussing on how to get free PayPal money legally, there are some common instructions to follow.


  • don’t wait to get rewarded for doing anything, be constant on what you are doing.
  • legal GPT(get paid to) sites pay some fewer amounts but they are trustworthy. So, start with those sites through given links.
  • Many bloggers misguide you that you can earn $30 or more per hour just by doing surveys or watching videos. which is simply not realistic.
  • This is not something you’ll do for a living or anything like that. It’s for a touch of additional side cash.


How to get free PayPal money fast and easy?


Here, we are suggesting some survey sites that pay through PayPal and you can get the hands of money fast and easy.


All sites are legit and worth your trust because we personally checked it. so don’t afraid of being cheated.


1. Swagbucks


This is the number one survey site and shopping portal that gives you SB(points) for completing their challenges.


Also, when you buy something through the website you get a certain percentage cash back in the form of SB(points).


Swagbucks has a list of surveys include how much SB you earn and how much estimated time it will take to complete the survey.


you can make Swagbucks in various ways on their website such as…

Payment :
you can redeem SB as PayPal cashback or e-gift card of online sites like Amazon, Flipkart, or Walmart.
you can use SBs for ‘swagstake’ (lucky winner) and earn more out of it.


minimum amount:
you need a minimum of 2500 SBs to redeem PayPal cash worth $25.
You can also redeem Gift cards With a minimum of 800 SBs worth


est. time:
each survey takes anywhere between 12 to 15 minutes. you must give an honest answer to get paid.


You can earn approx 40 – 200 SB points per task (100 SB = $1)
or up to 500 SBs using other ways like shopping or web searching.


Click here to get extra bonus in Swagbucks


2. survey junkie

Again, Survey junkie is a well-known GPT site among people who want to grab earn free PayPal money instantly in a genuine way.


It is available for the USA, UK, CANADA, GERMANY, and western countries.


You just need to sign up here and it will take just two minutes. Then they will ask some questions to get more survey opportunities.


I suggest completing the whole profile to get more chances to get more surveys.


Once you complete your profile, your surveys will display in the table, containing how much points you will earn and estimated time to complete that survey.


They give you some points for completing each survey. The best part is they give 25 points as a signup bonus.


Payment :
They are paying through Paypal cash or Amazon gift card, once you reach your minimum payout amount.

when you will go to withdraw your points, the survey junkie will ask your address and identity to prevent scam.

After verifying your identity, they will let you redeem your points.


minimum amount:

you need to earn a minimum of 1,000 points or 10 dollars to withdraw it as a PayPal cash or Amazon gift card.
1 point is equal to 1 cent.


est. time:
each survey takes anywhere between 20 to 30 minutes to complete with enough attention.


Each survey will give you 50 to 55 points. So you can reach minimum payout in 5 hours.


It’s only worth joining if you live within the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Spain, France, or Germany.


Click here to join survey junckie.


3. inbox dollars

This website is running since 2000 and has paid over $59 million in cash rewards.

As its name describes, it pays through the check, Paypal cash, or e-card (Amazon, Flipkart).

The benefit with this site is you will get a $5 as a signup bonus.

You need to signup by entering email and password to grab the reword.


you can earn here free Paypal cash instantly via..


  • taking online surveys.
  • watching videos.
  • playing games.
  • online shopping.
  • reading emails.
  • scratch card rewords.

Payment :
They will pay you from PayPal, check, or Amazon gift cards After you reach the decided limit.

One thing I like about this site is they pay in real cash than points.


minimum amount:
you have to reach the limit of $30 to redeem your cash via PayPal or ecard.

I know this is something high but this site is a legit and well-known site. So, you can go with it.


est. time:
It takes 3 to 25 minutes to complete each survey.


They pay from $0.50 to $5.00 for each survey you take from the survey tab.

you can also earn 18% cashback by playing paid games.

An additional way to make instant PayPal money is scratch cards.

When you use that method, you will get Free PayPal money if your luck is better.


Click here to grab $5 bonus in inbox dollars.


4. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a great site with huge members in its database.


Definitely a legit site for dedicated people who wants to earn the hands of PayPal money instantly.


It’s not just a magic, guys that you will earn money by just moving the magic stick in the air. Anyways again it is a survey site.


You earn points by completing a survey where 10 point=1 dollars.


minimum payout:
you just need to gather 10$ means 100 points to grab your money.

it takes a maximum of 2 days to credit money into your account.


est. time:
it will take 20 to 25 minutes to earn 50 points or 1 survey if you answer accurately.


you will earn $3 to $5 per survey. (not all surveys you will get that are listed. so be patient to get free PayPal money).

you can earn $1 as referral earning which is a pretty nice amount.

They offer $10,000 every 3 months for lucky winners. so, you can earn that way if you have luck.


payment method:
Opinion Outpost pays through PayPal, gift cards(Amazon,iTunes).


Click here to join opinion outpost.


Earn Paypal money no minimum payout


If you can’t wait for even a week and want to get 10 dollars fast on Paypal, then here are some sites where you can withdraw your hard-earned money in just one day or after taking only one survey.


1. SuperPay.me.


This is a trusted survey site that paid over $3,207,158 to its members.


They are giving a $0.20 joining bonus to newcomers.


The benefit of this site is, you can withdraw your money just after earning $1.


So, you just need to complete one survey, to withdraw your money.


you can join regardless of where you reside, and you’ll also earn by watching these videos regardless of where you live.


if you want PayPal money instantly without taking surveys then you can go with this site because you can earn instant money here by clicking on ads.


the good thing about the videos is that there are always many videos you’ll watch.


And you really don’t need to watch the screen, you’ll let it run when you’re
not at the pc, if you would like to earn extra by doing that.


what’s also really great about SuperPay.me is that it’s a really low payout threshold.


minimum payout:
you simply need to earn $1 to be ready to take your earnings out.


payment method:
you’ll get paid in cash via PayPal.

You can also choose some gift cards or get paid in Bitcoin.


est. time:
it will take between 10 to 30 minutes to finish each survey.


you will earn between 40 to 350 points per survey.

you can also get 25% referral earning if your friend signs up via your referral link.


get more PayPal money via:


  • taking surveys,
  • taking offers,
  • clicking ads,
  • all quite other things.


So if you mix that with watching the videos, it’s definitely a good site to hitch to earn some extra cash on the side.


Click here to join this site


2. Pinecone Research


Pinecone Research is a trustworthy survey site that pays really well to its members.


It is only a survey site Which does product research of the current market and gathers opinions about newly launched products.


They also send the product to their trusted members for review purposes.


You need an invitation link to join this program. You can’t directly join it through the site.


you must be 18 and live in the USA, UK, Canada, or Germany in order to qualify for this research program.


minimum payout:
you have to earn $1 to redeem the earnings and that is pretty low I think, compared to other reputed sites.


payment method:
You can redeem your earnings as PayPal cash, cheque, or gift cards.


I think this site is worthy because it pays a really well amount of money.

You can make $3 per survey and $6 for reviewing any product.


Click here to join this site.


3.  surveyrewardz


Surveyrewardz is a little and legit GPT site that pays a sufficient amount of money for surveys.


The interface is just simple and easy to use. and offering free sign up like other legit survey sites. That means we can trust it.


The best part is, you just need to earn only $1 to redeem your earning. Which is I think good?


In addition, it will work in almost all countries which is another plus point.


minimum payout:
As I mentioned above, you just need to earn $1 to redeem your earning.

This means if you want to earn PayPal money with no minimum payout then this is for you because it will hardly take 1 survey.


You will earn anywhere between 1 to 3 dollars per survey.


est. time:
It will take 10 to 15 minutes from your free time to complete 1 survey.


payment methods:
They pay through PayPal, Visa, PayZa, and Amazon gift cards.


If you want to get 10 dollars fast on PayPal then I highly recommend this site to you. Just nice site guys.


Click here to join surveyRewordz.


Earn free PayPal money instantly no surveys

Some people are not interested in taking surveys or giving answers. I know it’s a little boring.

Don’t worry guys I have 3 amazing GPT sites that will pay you for watching promotional videos or ads.

No doubt you will earn PayPal money instantly by taking other offers or challenges ( like paid email reading, profile completing, online shopping). But the main way is to watch videos in your free time and make easy money.

The benefit is, you don’t even need to pay attention to those videos. Just open your screen and let videos run.


1. GrabPoints

This is another Get-Paid-To site that’s running since 2014.


It is not completely available worldwide.


There are a few countries where it’s not allowed to hitch from. But it’s only a couple of countries.


So most countries you’ll join from. And it gives you access to many ways to earn.


One among them is to observe videos and earn by doing that.


Other ways to earn:


  • In addition, you can answer surveys,
  • you can download apps,
  • invite your friends.


Payment Method :
you’ll get your earnings out in cash through PayPal.


you’ll also prefer to get paid through Skrill or many various gift cards.


Minimum payout:
The payout threshold for a few of these rewards is a bit higher.

But the payout threshold starts at $5 which is extremely easy to succeed in on GrabPoints.


If you mix it with a number of the opposite earning methods, it gives quite high rewards compared to several other sites.


You can make between 0.50 to 1 dollar with each task. 

You will earn 250 points when your referrals earn their first 1000 points.


est. time:
It will take 10 to 15 minutes for watching videos and 10 to 25 minutes to complete a survey.

you can complete other tasks in 15 minutes.


click to join GrabPoints.


2. PrizeRebel


This is often one of my overall favorite Get-Paid-To sites.

Mainly you’ll earn by watching videos.


Other ways to earn:


  • additionally, you’ll take surveys It’s tons of excellent surveys.
  • paid offers can take.
  • It also has membership levels.
  • It also hands out free promo codes quite frequently, so you’ll get some free points like that.


Therefore the more active you’re, the more benefits you get.


payment method:
It offers payout through PayPal or many various gift cards, depending on the country you reside in and your


minimum payout :
simply get to earn $5 to be ready to take your earnings out.


So if you would like to earn by watching videos, PrizeRebel is certainly a site worth checking out.


Especially if you mix it with all the opposite earning methods it offers.


Click here to join prizerebel.


3. MyPoints


this is one of those sites which is limited to a couple of countries.

You can only join it if you reside within the US or Canada.


It is mainly a cashback site, so it gives great rewards if you ever shop online.


But it also offers you to earn by taking other offers or taking surveys and lots of other ways.


It’s quite special within the way it offers you to earn by watching videos because it’s an app that’s dedicated and focused on these videos.


So, it is definitely worth finding out if you reside in the US or Canada.


you need to download the app then you’ll easily watch a video.


minimum payout :
The minimum withdrawal balance depends on the reward you want, but it starts at around $5.


payment method:
you’ll get paid in cash or choose from tons of different gift cards.


 Click here to join MyPoints.


Earn Paypal money playing games

Some people are not interested in taking surveys or watching videos.

But let me tell you that GPT sites pay free PayPal cash for playing games.
Interesting, isn’t it?

So, here I am discovering some well-known websites or apps that pay Paypal money without any scam.


1. The Ready Games


This is the perfect App where you earn money by playing casual mobile games. They hold game tournaments for their members.


They distributed over $140K to their members by holding 130+ tournaments.


players get a chance to win every 48 hours on this app.


The method is, they announce particular price money on each game.

after the decided time, they distribute prize money among the top players who created high scores.


The condition is you will get only one chance to win the contest for any game.

You can play games for unlimited time for fun.


They drop new games every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


payment method:
They pay through PayPal cash and gift cards.

practice enough before you play any game for the contest. Because you will get only one chance to win.


Click here to download the app.


2. Societi

This is a live 24/7 media app that provides quiz type game and gives real cash to members.


It is for people who are interested in reality tv shows and used to see full shows.


It asks questions about your favorite tv shows before that show started and if your answer is correct, They will give you points accordingly.


You can earn $1 for referring it to your friends and family.


It is available for Android as ios and useful for people especially lives in the USA.


payment method:
They pay via PayPal once a week and you must have $40 earning before you redeem the money.


hold this site tightly in your free time to get expected results. Stay constant.


Just nice app guys, you should visit at once.


Click here to download #societi app.


‎3. HQ Trivia

Again it is a reputed app among Quiz lovers and 100% legit app for giving real cash to winners.


The method is – quiz starts with simple questions but ending up a difficult question.


you have to face 12 different questions to win the contest.


Each contest announces with specific price money and that money then evenly distributes in winners.


despite having thousands of contestants, contest ends up with hardly 10 or 20 winners because of the hard question stake.


You can earn 50 to 100 dollars if you win the contest.


Payment method:
They pay via Paypal with no minimum balance.


This app is available for android as well as ios And especially useful to the people living in the UK, USA, and Canada.


download the HQ Trivia app now.


Ending talk


All websites or apps we consider here, are reputed and paying real cash regularly.

We really wish that you find the right place to occupy your time and mind.

Be aware of scamming websites that demand money for providing you surveys and promise for lots of money. They are liers because any legit website can’t ask for money.

Honestly, you can earn a $100 PayPal cash monthly by working on the above-mentioned sites not more than that.

Just use these techniques in your free hours and stay happy.


If you want more and sufficient money online, then you should try blogging. Click here to know about blogging.

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