20 ways to earn money online with PayPal without investment.

Finding a way to earn money online with PayPal without investment?

If you come to this article it means you are finding genuine ways to earn cash. right?

Let me tell you, thousands of people around the internet will suggest the ways to make money online overnight.

some of them will ask you to give some deposit money to earn Paypal money instantly. But this type of demand is nothing more than a scam guys. so, be alert from those scammers.

‘Making money fast’ looks magical at first sight, but there is no shortcut to success. Either they are cheating you or they will tell you about some illegal work.

But honestly, if you want to make sufficient money without investment then your mindset must be clear for doing some hard and smart work.

If you agree with that condition then you can read further otherwise you can go with those “overnight magic” articles.

Anyways, let’s have a glance at some legit ways to earn money online without investment for students or work from home buddies.

1 search the web to get free Paypal money legally

Are you an internet addict? or you find all your answers with the help of the Google search engine?

If you really spend more time surfing the internet then there is good news for you, there are some websites which pay for searching on the internet.

you just need to add an extension of a particular website and that’s it. You will get notified when you earn the points.

The benefit you will get here is you can surf with any search engine like google, yahoo, bing, etc.

No doubt, you will earn just a small amount of money that is not as bad an instant Paypal money.

Qmee is a website that pays in dollars when you search your query with the Qmee browser and click on results.

iRazoo is another great website that gives you some points to surf the internet. you just will be notified each time you earn points.

so, here you can easily make money online using PayPal.

2. be a transcriptionist.

A transcriptionist is a person who converts live or recorded speech into a written document.

Briefly, you will be given audio or video in this job and your task would be to convert that into text format.

It needs listening and writing skills to make a carrier as a good transcriptionist.

You can make between 10 to 15 dollars per hour with this job if, you get command on writing and listening.

most of the hiring websites take a little test to hire a transcriptionist.

when you pass that exam, you will be asked to transcribe multiple files and you will get paid online with Paypal.

rev.com is the best website with tons of jobs like Transcriptionist, Captioner or Subtitler, etc.

they will pay you weekly through PayPal depending on your time and accuracy. the usually pay between $0.50 to $1.50 for a minute. (audio/video).

Other sites that hire Transcriptionist.



3. write reviews on products.

Do you know that your opinion on a specific product is very important to decide the future of that product? and also you can get paid for that review.

How do you get paid by giving your opinions?

The process is just simple. Some companies need loyal opinions about their products. So they can update it batter.

These companies pass bulk orders to well-known websites that hire reviewers like you and you get some percent amount from that website for your loyal reviews.

There is not rocket science to post your review, you just need to describe the quality of the product, pros, and cons, etc. mention your suggestions to improve that product.

SoftwareJudge – As a name says, SoftwareJudge provides software products to review.

You can choose any software from the list to write a review on it. however, you must give detailed work to get it published on the site.

When you submit the review, their team will check it, and if it is worthy, you will get paid anywhere between $1 to $50.

Once, you earn $20, you can claim it in the form of e-books or any downloadable thing or claim cash once you reach $200.

Another website for reviews.


4. Test websites to make money using PayPal.

If you are a daily surfer of the internet, or you have visited tons of websites, then you can go for website testing.

This is another great way to get started and earn money on PayPal where you will be asked for testing different websites and share a real opinion and suggestions to improve that.

You can write about website speed, it’s content quality, user efficiency, pros, and cons, etc.

This job will pay you between $10 to $15 per website testing. So it is not bad to go with it when you want to get paid online with PayPal and without investment.

UserTesting is the best site to start with and make a significant amount of money.

when you pass the trial here, you will be given tasks as per your abilities.

You can make $10 per test and monthly $100 or more. this site will give a chance to test only fewer websites in a month.

you can also start with Whatusersdo website to get more opportunities.

5. Review music in your free time.

Are you a music lover? If the answer is positive then review music is not a bad idea to earn money on PayPal.

you just need to sign-up and listen to anonyms track to decide the quality of that music.

Here, you have the chance to judge the music before it releases in the market.

You must listen to any track for 90 seconds before you go to write the review.

You can earn cash between $3 to $4 per hour.

Slicethepie is a special website for music reviews that pays 2 cents per review based on your level. It not bad although the amount is very low.

Minimum 45 words you must write for any music track to get reworded.

The best thing is, you don’t need any type of expertise in music. You can share your view on lyrics, bits, vocal, etc.

Hitpridctor is another site for music review Where you can win an Amazon gift card worth $5 when you complete just 10 reviews.

6. share your opinions on different GPT sites.

There is a concept of GPT(get paid to) site. where you will be paid for different tasks like…

  • Take a survey
  • watch videos
  • read paid emails
  • Search online
  • shop online
  • play game
  • refer to your friends, etc.

The benefit is, you don’t need any ability for GPT sites. So, you can just sign-up for free with your email id and many of them offer sign-up bonuses also.

Once you complete the sign-up process you will be asked to complete your profile to get more chances to earn points.

You can earn $5 to $6 a day which is very low but you can sign in with various websites.

Few scammers ask for a certain amount of money to give you the opportunity in GPT sites. Be aware of them as they are just pure scammers.

Legit websites don’t ask for any type of deposit.

Swagbucks, Surveyjunkie, Opinionoutpost, Lifepoints are great GPT websites.

Find here online money making sites without investment and get started with GPT sites.

7. use cashback sites to save money.

Do you like cashback? I just love to have cashback.

Anyways, If you used to buy stuff online and want to cut down your expenses, this is the ultimate way to bring your money back.

How do you get additional cashback?

Some companies or online platforms pay money to cashback sites for showing their products on it and you get a little part of that money as an additional cashback if you purchase through cashback sites. isn’t interesting?

Rakuten is the greatest cashback site with 2500 online stores with different offers in the form of coupons, promo codes, or Rakuten gift card.

It is a nice way to make money online with PayPal fast as it offers up to 40% discount and additionally you can earn $25+ by referring it to your friends.

You need to sign-up into Rakuten and shop on your favorite online store by using Rakuten’s promo code and that’s it you will get that fascinating cashback. isn’t as easy as eating a piece of cake?

BeFrugal and Ibotta are other cashback sites to get the benefit.

8. become a designer at Fiverr.

Are you a technical guy? or do you like designing like logo designing, website designing, photoshop or video editing type work?

Even if you don’t know more about the designing field but have a little interest, then you can easily learn those skills by putting some efforts.

As the name says, Fiverr is an online market place where sellers create price gigs to sell online services from $5 and buyers choose suitable and affordable service.

The biggest benefit is, you can work from anywhere and with your rules. You can also outsource your orders and get just a commission from that work.

You can sell various digital services like designing, social media marketing, and copy-pasting, etc.

So, here once again you can make money online and get paid through PayPal as you can directly withdraw your balance in PayPal account.

If you want your online carrier seriously and intended to earn sufficient money online then you should go with Fiverr because You can make even 100 dollars per day when you put the right efforts with smart work.

9. become a freelance writer.

Writing is my passion and I desperately love to write for various fields. Same as me, Do you also love writing?

The online carrier in content writing and professional writing is pretty nowadays. People are ready to pay a high amount of money to content writers for articles.

Now, who is called a freelance writer?

A self-employed person who writes different types of content like e-books, press releases, sales pages, blog, etc. for his client is called a freelance writer.

Which skills require to be a freelance writer?

that is depended on which field you choose in writing strim.

there are many jobs for writers like a white paper writer, blog writer, copywriting job, e-book writer, content manager, etc.

But generally, you need a unique writing style that holds people tightly till the end.

What is Everage earning?

You can make up to 10$ for 500 words post. If you get expertise in writing, it takes a half-hour to write an article.

You can charge high amounts if you dive deep in this field and gather a large client base. some professional writer charges $100 per post.

If you want to learn, how to be a good writer then click here.

Sites that hire freelance writers.



10. make easy PayPal money with Paribus.

Did you buy anything online? If you are a daily online buyer then you noticed that some product’s price drops after you buy it and you accept it as your bad luck. Right?

But you don’t need to accept that bad luck any more because Paribus is the ultimate solution to your problem.

You just need to register with the same e-mail address from which you are used to getting bills, and your job is done.

Paribus tracks all your bills and the products you bought and notify you if the price drops. It also helps to get the difference money back from the company. The cashback deposits in Paribus account.

So, if you want to get free PayPal money fast and easy then just go with Paribus.

11. start your youtube channel for extra cash.

If you like making videos and have a topic on which you can explain batter then, youtube definitely can be a full-time carrier for you.

Youtube is a popular way to make money online because it is a famous and favorite platform all over the world.

The second important point is, You can make lots of money with this platform as it is the second biggest search engine in the world.

There is no sign-up fee or any premium plan to get started. Simply go to the website and register with google account.

Then, start making videos on the topic which attracts you. Once you reached 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time in one year, you can apply for monetization.

If your request approves, Youtube will start posting advertise to your videos and you will get paid for that. Youtube pays $1 for 1000 views on your videos.

There are no hidden charges. So, you can earn money online with Paypal without investment.

12. sell photos online.

Do you know that the photos which overload the memory of your camera, can be the way to earn cash?

Yes, you read right. You can earn money through PayPal by selling your photos online.

Many companies need professional photos to print on the magazine, showcase on the blog, etc.

They approach websites that sell bulk images on the package. you can list your high-quality images to that image sites.

just go and register there and list your photos with appropriate tags. (which is very important.)

If anyone buys your photo, you will be notified and given anywhere between $0.25 to $1 per image. You will get more once you cross some lifetime limits.

Sites that sell images.



13. start your blog.

Do you know about blogging?

Well, Blogging means writing the article on some topic and post it on a particular domain address.

You need to choose the topic on which you can write multiple articles. Once you finalize that, go to blogger.com which is a platform provided by Google.

Just finalize the name of your website and start posting quality articles. After posting 10 to 15 articles, you can apply for Monetization(an approval of google to post ads on your site).

If your site gets the approval, Google Adwords will show ads on your site and you will get paid for that.

It is really a long time way to earn PayPal money online and you don’t have to invest even a penny.

Want to know more about blogging? click here.

14. write and sell your e-books.

Do you know, the market for digital books has been grown 50% more?

Do you have experience in any field? If the answer is yes then that is not a bad idea to share that experience through the e-books.

You can write your own e-book and list it on the kindle powered by amazon where you can list your books for free.

If anyone buys your book you will get the whole price after deducting Amazons commission.

Other e-book publishing websites…



15. become a virtual assistant.

Who is the virtual assistant?

A person who is self-employed and performs different tasks from home for his employer is called a virtual assistant or VA.

Tasks for a virtual assistant…

  • check emails
  • manage social media account
  • manage website
  • update website content
  • manage comments on the blog
  • manage complaints by customers
  • book appointment with clients
  • give answers to messages

The big benefit for the general VA is they don’t require special skills. So students and work from moms can also do these tasks.

General VA gets paid on the hour bases. Beginners can earn up to $3 to $4 per hour.

It is not a bad idea to earn PayPal money instantly with this job.

Websites to get started with VA job.




16. do easy data entry jobs.

Data entry job refers to modify various types of data from home like typing in the notepad from the image or make a script by listening to audio or video and a lot more.

You must have a grip on the particular language and batter typing speed to get success in this field.

You can make anywhere between $10 to $15 per hour from this job.

Alert: this industry has many scammers who ask for deposit money to get a data entry job and they eat your hard-earned money in seconds.

So, be aware of them and sign-up with a free website to get PayPal money legally.

17. create and sell your course.

Do you love teaching?

If yes, then you can create and sell your own course on the platforms like Udemy or Teachable.

They have thousands of learners on their website who search for appropriate courses.

If your course becomes popular, You can literally make thousands of dollars a month.

18 provide Translation job

Translation services are high in demand nowadays where you will be asked to do a translation of any script in other languages.

just go with book translation or script translation as you wish.

You need a grip on the particular language and typing speed for this job.

it pays anywhere between 10 to 15 dollars per hour.

Sites to get started with…



19 sell your stuff on amazon

If you are physically selling something then you can list that product on amazon without paying anything.

simply register with amazon’s seller account and list your product with appropriate information.

If your product sells, Amazon will give you the whole amount after taking its commission.

The best thing about Amazon is they have a huge amount of users around the world. So, your sales increase through this website.

20 Be an affiliate marketer

What is affiliate marketing?

An affiliate marketer is a person who pic a particular product from well-known affiliate networks and sells it among social media and website by its marketing.

Briefly, he is a middle man who sells other’s products and gets commissions.

You can free register with affiliate networks and get products to sell and earn huge commissions.

The best way for affiliate marketing is you can start your website or youtube channel where you can reach more and more people for free.

Lots of affiliate marketers make millions of dollars a month with Affiliate marketing. So, I think you can also do that with little effort.

Final Fry

Print one thing in your mind – there is no shortcut for success. You must add some value and time to your work.

If you are not passionate about what you are doing, you can’t be successful in any field.

Honestly, If you are searching about how to get free PayPal money fast and easy then let me tell you no one will give you free money.

Instead, grow your digital skill to make efficient money because it is in high demand nowadays.

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